Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Hun Sen vs. The U.N

Details are Sketchy
January 29, 2008

Last week Prime Minister Hun Sen threatened to boot the United Nations from Cambodian soil if it couldn’t learn to mind its manners. Keeping with the trend, today the Prime Minister chastised the U.N.’s human rights office for gratuitous spending on such unnecessary items as human rights in Cambodia.

Prime Minister Hun Sen continued a public campaign against the UN’s human rights office Monday, saying the international body should stop spending money in Cambodia.

“The UN should take all this budget to victims in areas such as Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, or other countries facing crises, rather than wasting money in Cambodia,” Hun Sen said.

“He rides in airplanes and stays at hotels; where does the money come from?” Hun Sen said. “This money is more than a salary. This money is still the UN’s money, and we are also a member of the UN that must also pay membership dues to the UN. We have a duty to appeal for saving the budget, to be spent in other areas, rather than having Yash Ghai traveling to Cambodia.”

It warms the cockles to know that Hun Sen respects Cambodia’s duty as a U.N. signatory to “save the budget.” It would be a lot better, though, if the prime minister had the same amount of concern for Cambodia’s growing legion of dispossessed. After all, that’s why the U.N. is complaining.

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