Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Ieu Pannakar's explanation on the filming of King-Father's Monatio

Translated from Khmer by Socheata

Communiqué from H.E. Ieu Pannakar03 January 2008

The Cambodia Daily reported an article, dated 03 January 2008, about the filming of a movie authored by His Majesty (King-Father). This article could make the spectators believe that the producers of the royal achievement did not understand well about the Khmer Rouge.

Therefore, we, the producers (of the movie), would like to inform our respected compatriots who spent life and death under the 3-year-8-month-20-day blood and tears regime, that we truly know the Khmer Rouge, but this royal writing only brings up a truthful event which took place and died down during the fall of the Khmer Republic regime, a group that names itself Monatio, was a movement formed by the sons of the rich people who set it up as a game, while acting as Khmer Rouge, based on their own volition, at the end of the movie, they were all killed by the real Khmer Rouge without mercy.

Director of National Khemara Production(Signed) Ieu Pannakar

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