Wednesday, 30 January 2008

More than 150 Cambodian turtles rescued from becoming dinner


( dpa )- Scores of Cambodian turtles described as "endangered" have been rescued from the near-certain fate of a dinner plate and released back into the wild, local media reported Wednesday.

The English-language Cambodia Daily reported 169 turtles in the central province of Pursat , 200 kilometres north-west of the capital, were released into the Tonle Sap lake after being confiscated from local fishermen.

The paper did not specify what species was released, but described them as "threatened." Local fisheries officials were not available for further comment Wednesday.

"People love to eat turtles," the paper quoted a government official as saying.

Despite a concerted government education programme and an increasing number of Cambodian turtle species being declared endangered, roasted turtle and turtle eggs remain local delicacies, especially in the lead-up to Chinese New Year.

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