Sunday, 27 April 2008

Cambodia's paradise beach ( Sihanouk Ville Beach )

The Tourism Development in Sihanouk Ville

As Sihanouk Ville takes off as a tourism hub, Cambodia tourism authority and developers say that preserving the natural harmony and health of its beaches and coastline is the a priority. Officials in Cambodia's Ministry of Tourism have echoed concern about pollution as tourism grows in Sihanouk Ville, and say they are trying to take more thoughtful approach to development.

With funding from Asia Development Bank (ADB) the government has advised a wastewater treatment project that will be implemented in coastal area currently under development to make sure water does not become polluted and that waste form development project does not reach the sea. 'We have to develop these beaches with proper environmental protection,' says Dr Thong Khon, Secretary of State of Tourism Ministry. The ADB funding will also go toward training lifeguard and building Watchtowers along popular beaches. Prime Minister Hun Sen himself lunched the project in Sihanouk Ville, on 2 August.

Development plans for the region go well beyond the beach. To make Sihanouk Ville a more attractive destination for tourist the government is working for revamp Sihanouk Ville Kang Keng Airport so tourist can travel a circuit between Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanouk Ville. The Air port would also make a transit to the airport in Rattanakiri Province, in Cambodia north's east.

According to the Cambodia Travel Agent Association, cruise to Sihanouk Ville are already popular, and carrying passenger from China, Europe and the United States dock at Sihanouk Ville's port at least one each week. Tourism officials are also optimistic that a recent agreement reach by ASEAN to exempt member countries from paying visa fees when visiting other member countries will increase regional visitor traffic.

Kun Kam Eng, a father of two, spent a recent weekend with his family on Ochheuteal Beach ( ..). 'We are rich in having so many beautiful places to visit,' a 45 old was please to report as he looked out to the water. 'I love the beaches in Sihanouk Ville, so I hope they always stay clean and fresh. Our Seawater is so clean, the sand is very white and the view of the sea is totally paradise.

Sihanouk Ville Governor Say Hak is optismistic that Sihanouk Ville develop will help improve people lifestyles of people living in Sihanouk Ville municipality. As a part of this effort Prime Minister Hun Sen has strongly encourage people to engage in 'home stay' business, renting local home to tourists. With the huge influx of visitors during national holidays, the home stay policy could help put money directly into villagers' pockets.

Sihanouk Ville is not only the paradise on Cambodia coast. Many islands have yet to see development for tourism and the beach in and around Kompot ( and Kep are idyllic. Several hotels Mangers in Sihanouk Ville say their businesses base on the beaches and as long as beaches remain the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists, the hospitality industry will continue to grow.

(Cambodia, Official Magazine of Ministry of Tourism)Prepared by : Samnang

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