Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Kratie Province

Low water level on the Mekong

Endangered Dolphine

One more dolphine

Wildlife on the Mekong River, The banks of the Mekong are filled with all kinds of animals and plant life. As the rains come and fill up the river the fish have plenty of food and multiply rapidly.

Living on the River, This family has a front yard!

Beautiful Grand Buildings

Cool water, Most of the time people go swimming fully clothed.

Picnic area on the Mekong , Locals come here to picnic and to escape from the heat.

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Sunday, Apr 06, 2008
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After one night in Kompong Chom we are back on the bus for another 4hr trip north to Kratie. Here we wanted to see the Irrawaddy dolphines. This is another town that lies on the banks of the Mekong. It is very hot here during the day but as the sun sets the coolness from the river is a relief. The Irrawaddy dolphines are a endangered species that can live in both salt and fresh water. It is estimated to be only 100 left. These grey to dark blue dolphines grow to be about 6ft long. They have bulging foreheads and small dorsel fins. I took about 30 photo's and could not get a good shot! They stay under water for about 10min and then pop up for air and then they are gone. But we did see them!

I also went to Phnom Sombok about 15min outside of town. This tranquil meditation center is an active wat complex. Divided into three levels, it houses meditative huts and lodgings for the monks. I had a beautiful view of the valley below and could hear the monks chant echo through the trees.

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