Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Tibet Freedom and its People Life is NOT a Game

By Kok Sap
April 8, 2008

During his terms, the U.S.A President Reagan famously called on U.S.S.R to tear down its evil wall in Berlin. The last and former U.S.S.R President Mikhail Gorbachev took heed. Afterward the eastern bloc of U.S.S.R evil axis was shattered and several countries including East Germany were released from Iron Grip of Russian Communism. Then the U.S supported resistance invited U.S.S.R out of Afghanistan. Since Russia reemerged as its own nation out of world condemnation and took no notice in world affairs.

It has been 49 years since Mao invaded Tibet and the mighty world slowly accustoms to China abuses. Imperialist Beijing tried hard to incriminate Revered Dalai Lama in the wakening call from the people around the globe to let go Tibet. Now the momentum is rising, the U.S.A needs to see China let go Tibet and other autonomous regions for own self rule and sovereignty. This may be the last evil needed to be condemned and pressed upon by the absence of the peace loving Olympics athletes around the globe.

Often times, people misunderstand One China policy. China is not a homogenous country in demographic make up, culture, language, custom, and religion. There are over 80 ethnic distinctions in China. Also China has colorful past in committing heinous crimes against millions of people in China during its Cultural Revolution in the 60’s.

In open war records China and U.S had fought each other personably in Korea, North Viet Nam, former Khmer Mekong delta, and impersonally via Thailand in Cambodia, and Laos. Communist Caesar Mao used strategic warfare from Art of War book, to lose no war is to fight war in someone house. The end result someone houses like Cambodia lost millions of life, Viet Nam annexed its Khmer Mekong Delta completely, and Hanoi slowly assimilates Laos.

The winner of Ideological War is the Red China. Needless to say it got both worlds in its bloody hands, in addition it was elevated from non member of U.N to U.N Permanent Security Council that each member has veto power to put a stop on any agenda. Subsequently this seems U.N meriting China to police its own hands in cookie jar. Out of all expert theories, Red China checks mate the U.S.A, world leading democracy at U.N located on its own soil.

Today China almost single handed invests in US markets ranging from selling soap dish to micro chips, pet food, banking and mortgage industry. The prime example is Wal-Mart conglomerate that reaps phenomenal profits from Red China cheap laborers who had no choice but compliance to their communist state mandates. More than half of Wal Mart home supplies are imported from Red China.

Nonetheless in order to defeat One China abusive behavior, U.S must realign itself with Africa, Europe, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Western hemisphere, ASEAN, and India, once a lead proponent of non aligned nation movement. Not too late, U.S still can urge its allies and friends to step back from this evil sponsored 2008 Olympics game and ONE China Policy altogether. Also individual athlete can make impact too by not participating.

Imagine seeing the US ban China airlines from landing on U.S and vice versa U.S airlines stop flying to China during the game event. Also imagine seeing every world press printed a page of ads “Free Tibet is not a Game.” With this eruption of protest, the world may see the only strong communist state shame in standing down to the will of true Olympians.


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