Friday, 6 June 2008

Cambodia set to lift ban on marriage to foreigners says minister

The Earth Times
Thu, 05 Jun 2008
Author : DPA

Phnom Penh - Cambodia was set to lift a ban on marriages to foreigners, Interior Minister Sar Kheng said Thursday. Speaking at a press conference on human trafficking, Sar Kheng said senior officials would meet Friday and a lifting of the ban is expected soon after.

Cambodia banned marriages of Cambodians to non-Khmers in April after allegations that often undereducated and poor Cambodians - especially women - were being exploited or trafficked under the guise of legitimate legal unions.

"Tomorrow we meet to see the new sub-decree but we cannot hold this decision longer as it contradicts the Cambodian constitution and the rights of Cambodian people," Sar Kheng said.

He said Cambodia was co-operating with the United States in a quest to find an adequate solution.

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