Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Datang Corp expands to Cambodia with hydropower plant project

Jun. 3, 2008 (China Knowledge) - China Datang Corp, parent of the listed Datang International Power Ltd <601991><991>, announced that it has started the construction of a hydropower plant project in Cambodia, a fresh breakthrough achieved in its global expansion.

The plant, considered as the largest economy and technology cooperation project between the two countries, will help Datang to tap the fledging electricity industry in Cambodia where exists abundant but remote-located water sources.

The construction of the 120,000-kilowatt plant will have two phases. The first generator is expected to start operation in December, 2010.

The project will help Cambodia ease the pressure brought about by the mounting oil prices and boost the nation's economic development, said a senior official with the Cambodian government, adding that Datang Corp is an experienced power company with strong strength in plant building and administration.

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