Monday, 23 June 2008

Star Treks: Anne Hathaway's role is going global

New York Daily News
Sunday, June 22nd 2008

"As a New Yorker, I really like to stretch my boundaries, and sometimes I go to Brooklyn - no, kidding! Um. Sorry, that was awful. Forgive me.

"One place where I've only been to once, but I'm trying to get back to, is Cambodia. It's so amazingly beautiful, and spiritual and hopeful, and so needs help.

"My first time there was very much an educational trip and I'd like to go back and see if there's anything I can do in terms of helping the people there.

"I like to take theater holidays where I just go to England for a week and see everything that I can - which is probably one of the most decadent indulgences that I have. I see so many shows there by myself, but that's how I saw Ralph Fiennes in "Brand," and it remains the best theatrical performance I've ever seen."

Patrick Huguenin

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