Thursday, 3 July 2008

We are strongly condemn HUN SEN's government of running the Social Affairs Center at Koh Kor as a detention camps to execute the poor Cambodian people

Detainee with serious neck rash. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

Barrels of dirty river water in detention room – the only drinking and bathing water available – next to open toilets (at left) behind a low wall. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

A mentally-ill detainee, one of many sent to Koh Kor. The center lacks any psychiatric or other social services. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

The body of Un Sopul, an older woman, who died June 19. She had been sick since she arrived from Prey Speu in mid-April and was never sent to hospital. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

A seriously-ill man, too weak to even sit up, later removed on a stretcher by LICADHO staff. There is no doctor at Koh Kor. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

Detainees supplement the meager rations of rice and watery soup by eating leaves gathered when allowed outside. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

Two unaccompanied boys, aged 12 & 8, with fellow detainees who said the boys cried at night for their mothers. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

Youths are used as guards at Koh Kor. They and local children, armed with slingshots, have reportedly helped to recapture escapees. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

Most detainees sleep on the bare floor, with no mats or mosquito nets. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

Detainees include homeless people, beggars, sex workers, the mentally ill and others rounded up from the streets. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

Men, women and children are detained together. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

Koh Kor detainees said they were allowed outside for 30-60 minutes once or twice a day – much more than another government center, at Prey Speu, where detainees were allowed outside for as little as 20 minutes a day. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia
A 9-month pregnant woman, and her malnourished 4-year-old son, with other detainees who were arbitrarily arrested on Phnom Penh streets. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia

The government-run Social Affairs center on Kor island, built on the site of a former Khmer Rouge-era prison and execution camp. Picture by LICADHO Cambodia
" The government needs to find real solutions to the economic and social problems which cause people to live and work on the streets - it cannot simply round these people up and throw them into detention camps. It is not a crime to be poor, and the government should stop treating people as though it is. LICADHO Director Naly Pilorge "

We are the Khmer people, would like to condemn the Hun Sen's government of running the detention camps so called the Social Affairs Centre at Koh Kor as a place for execution the poor Cambodian people.

The government of Cambodia has declared that The Kingdom of Cambodia is a democracy country. As pictures has brought up by LICADHO in Cambodia are proof that The Hun Sen's government in Cambodia is a government which is follow the foot steps of Democratic Kampuchea of Khmer Rouge regime by killing the innocent Khmer people. Hun Sen attempted to kill all of those poor Cambodian people is a crime against humanity and should be brought to the justice.

We are strongly urge the world and all Cambodian people around the world to support LICADHO and to help all of those men women and especially children to be free from the detention camps as soon as possible. Those men women and children are humanbeing, they are not animals nor committed any crimes to be punish and put into such a terrible place like that. Please help to save lives of those poor people.


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