Sunday, 18 October 2009

High-ranking Cambodian Army Officers Visit Border

Written by DAP NEWS -- Sunday, 18 October 2009

(Posted by CAAI News Media)

High-ranking Cambodian army officials on Saturday paid a visit to at the fortified positions of Cambodian soldiers guarding the border with Thailand.

The visit is part of ongoing efforts to safeguard Cambodia’s sovereignty from Thai soldiers who have repeatedly attempted to encroach illegally on Cambodian soil since July 15, 2008, according to an army source.

“This visit is to boost morale and check the military situation at the border,” Chea Dara, a Royal Cambodian Armed Forces commander stationed at Preah Vihear, told DAP News Cambodia on Saturday.

“The situation is much better which we can say that we can fight back resolutely against our enemies,” Chea Dara avowed.

Chea Dara vowed that his newly buoyant soldiers would not to lose “even one millimeter of land,” as per the orders of premier Hun Sen.

“If anyone encroaches illegally, our soldiers will use our 12-millimeter artillery.” The visit of high-ranking Cambodian army officials comes after Thai regional commander Kanok visited Thai soldiers at the border. Cambodia soldiers stationed at Preah Vihear temple expressed surprise as Thai Regional Commander Kanok made a surprise visit to the border on Wednesday, according to a high ranking Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) official.

“Before the Thai regional commander Kanok visited, we heard the sound of three tanks and some soldiers,” Cambodian Preah Vihear Army Commander Srey Doeuk told DAP News Cambodia on Thursday.

“The Thai army party came at about 10am on October 14, starting their visit at the Or Chak Creng area, then the Tasim gate, Phnom Trorb, and Sombok Khmoum,” he added.

However, Srey Doeuk claimed that the RCAF personnel initially thought the visit was from the highest-ranking Thai Army Chief.

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