Sunday, 11 October 2009

RFA Delays Facing in Ministry of Labor

Written by DAP NEWS -- Saturday, 10 October 2009
(Post by CAAI News Media)

Radio Free Asia (RFA) has been repeatedly accused of unfairly dismissing staff, but RFA had yet to send a representative to explain the situation to the Ministry of Labor on Friday, an RFA staff said.

The source added that the RFA will give an explanation to the Ministry of Labor next week, claiming that RFA is currently busy preparing its account.

Some of the dismissed staff earlier this month protested in front of RFA’s Phnom Penh office and burned a tire.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has said he was very surprised to hear of RFA’s alleged wrongdoing towards its staff, and wondered why the US embassy has not intervened.

Staff from RFA Central Broad- casting in Washington were among those who lauded the bravery of the dismissed staff members protest over the alleged mismanagement of the RFA branch in Cambodia. On October 8, the RFA Camb- odia manager fired popular agricultural sector beat reporter San Sovichea.

San Sovichea stated that “RFA kicked me out, because they noticed me … lead some of members to protest about RFA’s news leaders Kim Sos and Sam Poly.”

San Sovichea, the 7th RFA member to be fired, said the station lacked a good code of conduct and journalistic ethics.

RFA wrote a letter to the US Embassy assuring they would solve the recent difficulties, according to local media NGO the Cambodia Daily.

There has not yet been any public reaction from RFA Cambodia to the accusations.

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