Thursday, 28 January 2010

KSL set to double sugarcane output

via CAAI News Media

Published: 27/01/2010

KOH KONG, CAMBODIA : Khon Kaen Sugar Industry Plc (KSL) aims to invest about 15 billion baht over the next five years to double its sugarcane output in Thailand and continuously expand its presence in Cambodia and Laos.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen presses a button to start production at the new mill in Koh Kong as KSL chairman Chamroon Chinthammit (second from left) looks on.

Thailand's only listed sugar miller expects the group's total revenue to top 20 billion baht from last year's 12 billion baht when the expansion is completed.

Chairman Chamroon Chinthammit said the company would spend 6-7 billion baht to build a new factory complete with a power and ethanol plant in Sa Kaeo. The Bo Phloi mill in Kanchanaburi also requires an investment of 8 billion baht, of which half is being spent on the first phase of construction.

The group currently operates four sugar mills and cane farms in Khon Kaen, Chon Buri and Kanchanaburi, with combined sugar production of 5 million tonnes per crop.

KSL projects that its local sugarcane output will double to 10 million within five years, moving it from the fourth to third place in the country in terms of overall production, said Mr Chamroon.

The company on Monday inaugurated its $100-million sugar mill in Koh Kong, the first of its kind in Cambodia. The group, together with Cambodian and Taiwanese partners, has been granted a 90-year farming concession for 20,000 hectares in Koh Kong along the border of Thailand and Cambodia.

An estimated 240,000 tonnes of sugarcane will be processed in the 2009-10 season, the first year of operation.

"We are aiming for the total production of 2 million tonnes from Cambodia within five years while our crushing capacity in Laos will be expanded to 700,000 tones from 300,000 to 400,000 tonnes at present," Mr Chamroon said.

KSL has also been awarded a concession of 30 years for 10,000 hectares in Laos. The Sawannakhet mill, with total investment of $40 million, began operating at almost the same time as the Koh Kong plant.

Laos and Cambodia are among the 19 developing countries entitled to duty-free sugar exports to European markets. KSL has signed five-year contracts with London-based Tate & Lyle to supply all of its output from Cambodia and Laos at the price of 19 cents a pound.

Ly Yong Phat, one of Cambodia's top businessmen and a close ally of Prime Minister Hun Sen, holds 20% in KSL's joint venture while the Thai sugar miller controls 50%. The remaining 30% is owned by the Taiwanese partner Ve Wong Corp.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Hun Sen vowed to seek the required land and labour for KSL, which needs 4,000 employees, saying the sugar industry was vital for the Cambodian economy. According to data from Thailand's Commerce Ministry, the country exports 300,000 tonnes of white sugar to Cambodia.

Chalush Chinthammit, KSL's assistant vice-president for business development, said the group expected up to 20% growth in revenue this year, thanks to the high sugar price, now at a 28-year high of 29 cents a pound, and higher production than last year.

Given the current supply shortage, sugar prices will remain on the uptrend, definitely breaking the 30-cent mark by the end of the second quarter, Mr Chalush added.

KSL shares closed yesterday on SET at 14.70 baht, up 50 satang, in trade worth 44 million baht.


SenBlue said...

The Garden Restaurant

Leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials highlighted, there is a restaurant, which full of lively, life and intense sun the inside and outside.
One more thing it will provide everyone feel of the restaurant, beautifully combines details, aesthetics with functionality.
Moreover, a concertinaed canopy hangs from a reclaimed wooden structure, and carving a bold diagonal path through the restaurant.
Indeed the beautiful lighting also forms as an interesting ceiling feature in the indoor space and the reclaimed wood frame connects to the canal side outdoor.
It is likely a garden and makes feel good and catch the eyes of passersby.

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The Capability of Rifleshisrl

The furniture of Italian is perfectly demonstrate the capability and create awesome and high quality, trustworthy furniture shop in Phnom Penh
construction materials provided.
By this way Rifleshisrl has the high ability to create a variety of door finished and they can become and amazing part of a modern living room as more traditional or luxury one.
One more thing for the people who would like the style of art of furniture, it is absolutely white gloss sideboard is suitable for them.
Anyway if you want to have a very beautiful living, you should choose an elegant sideboard with doors covered by gold or silver leaf.

Chhunmeng KabKab said...

Three unique rooms from a guest house

As successful furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials informed, the guest house designed by architect John Blair shows contrasting themes of a bedroom and bathroom yet spontaneously a back-to-back neighbor as well as a guest room that stands on its own.
The bedroom suite contains a white background with slightly contrasting black color of upholstery and some accessories whereas the bathroom that positioned behind the bedroom is the opposite of the description.
However, for the separated guest room section, it contains the same material utility as the designer stated: "The guest wing was separated from the house for two key reasons – to provide easy access from the driveway to the main house, and to allow a degree of privacy,"
"But there is visual continuity inside as well as out – all the joinery is interrelated, for example. It has the same quality and materiality." Blair finalized.

rathana em said...

The Modest Apartment

Here is the small modest apartment is designed and decorated with natural material, clear lines and clever utilization of the space, according to furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials said.
One more thing this apartment is completely separate the private areas from the public ones and the solution and in the mid-space of the apartment, there is a solid block is incorporated containing the toilet and bathroom premise.
Anyway the bedroom is differed from the other spaces by floor elevation and raw silk curtains sliding on bamboo rails.
Moreover the stylish black and white cabinets cover two of the walls are increasing the storage room, and the light color scheme combined with an abundance of natural materials such as linen, papyrus, bamboo, untilled wood and raw silk.

bon tong said...

Open in seclusion

While most chic bathroom today are open-air design for scenery entertainment, privacy is still a top priority. Hence, the duo architect, Gilles Depardon and Kathy Ogawa, suggested the featured bathroom that can be open to the world yet still receives privacy by the surrounding bushes and trees as they play a big role of covering the bathroom.
"We removed all the walls to create one large room," Depardon explained. "And we opened up the entire space to the outdoors, installing a large, full-height window that looks straight onto a lush, green bed of moss, with trees beyond."
"We like to reinforce the horizontal and vertical planes with a continuity of materials," said Depardon, as successful furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials

chamroeun messi said...

Children zones

Delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials, projected by Hedgpeth Architects architectural firm and with the help of designer Marie Cohen, the featured house was children-oriented per request by parents as well as owners.
"We designed the spaces so the daughter's bedroom would have a slightly removed air. It is on the opposite side of the corridor to the boys' bedrooms. In turn, the boys' rooms are connected by an elbow-shaped double bathroom, giving them a private, almost secretive space of their own."
"Even whimsical childhood elements reflect these themes," stated Marie Cohen. "A subtle seaside theme in the double bedroom, for example, might be equally at home on the French coast as inland in the United States. Likewise an understated natural theme in the daughter's bedroom and bathroom reflect the owners' love of the natural world beyond the windows, without becoming overtly feminine."

chamroeun messi said...

Formebathware presents Roca products

As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials
informed, the New Zealand-based bathware supplier Formebathware has announced its business of importing European European vitreous china bathware products from renowned makers such as Roca of Spain.
One of the world’s largest vitreous china manufacturers, Roca offers everything that is necessary in bathroom designs. Roca design consists of artistic and minimalist appearance that is timeless and evokes a sense of classic-contemporary style suitable for Eurpean historical records of its peaking art period. In terms of functionality, Roca products are eco-friendly with its water- and energy-saving technologies.
So far, the best of Roca in Formebathware is Roca W+W, which comprises of washbasins and WC that used the manufacturer’s sustainable technology in the design.

Chhunmeng CoolBoy said...

The Beautiful Teardrop Light

One house or one room is more modern and good looking because of lighting decoration, according to furniture shop in Phnom Penh
construction materials highlighted.
In addition the modern light sculpture mean to illuminate and beautify the location that it stays and it create an architectural relationship with the space.
Anyway this light installation is a teardrop-shaped chandelier with deliciously unique light, which celebrate the fascinating nature of raindrops.
One more thing this drop light is constructed of two pairs, one is the brass screw cap that houses the light, and one more is the hand-blown crystal reflecting the light to create puddles on the floor.
Indeed this teardrop light is very beautiful with its shape and make the house or wherever more beautiful and amazing

Chhunmeng CoolBoy said...

A bathroom of unbroken white flow

As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materialsinformed, respecting the norm, the featured bathroom took cue of famous bathroom design trend by using white color in the design to create a serene and spacious ambience.
The commissioned project by architect Rebecca Devine and builder David Wilkes, the bathroom was also designed to generously let natural light to pour into the streamlined space.
"A feeling of spaciousness is built into this design," says Wilkes. "I created two vanities, set at opposite corners of the bathroom. A larger cabinet was constructed to screen off the toilet within the open-plan room."
Some of the bathroom accessories and fixtures came with black contrasting color theme to intensify the contemporary trend in the design.

Chhunmeng KabKab said...

The Creative and Charming House

You will be hooked with this house by its creativity and layout, leading to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials provided.
One more thing this house protects charming details of the past, such as an original turn of the century fireplace.
In addition the small hallway with enough storage space leads the way towards the kitchen, living room and bedroom, and they are personalized and exude a welcoming feel.
Anyway walls painted have a lovely shade of white contrast the classic oak floors in the living room.
Indeed the bedroom is the best with its serenity-inspiring color palette, king-sized bed and plenty of natural light.

worldjonh said...

Complex structure

As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials informed, inspired by Eiffel tower, German designer Michael Hilgers produces a masterpiece Gus washbasin for Ex.t bathroom company.
With its sophisticated and complicated form design, Eiffel tower, the famous iconic landmark in Paris, impact the total design of the featured washbasin. The sink is made up of ceramic while the tapware and pipework are stainless steel. The piece is supported by a visible slim steel structure interwoven together like the form of its inspirational tower.
Designed specifically for modest-sized and elongated bathroom, the range steel supported structure comes with chrome or a rust resistant powder covering in white.

Thon Mey said...

Meditation products from Lacava

Spa resort retreat is what nowadays customers demand in their bathroom design. Foreseeing the growth in this trend, the Chicago-based bathroomware manufacturer, Lacava offers its latest collection of Zen-like ambience, as provided by notable furniture in Cambodia
construction materials
Design with the latest trend in Europe, the firm features vanities, sinks, mirrors, marble and granite tops, medicine storages, standalone and cantilevered cabinets, faucets, shower, fixtures, bathtubs, and sinks and all are available with a comprehensive range of tones and sizes. In general, the firm offers everything for bathroom solution.
"Lacava designs and manufactures high-quality contemporary and transitional bath furnishings for discerning clients," assistant executive manager Anna Popielarz said. "All the woodwork can be customized, and is available in 16 different finishes."

bon tong said...

Rubber room by Michael Banney

As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials informed, per request, designer Michael Banney chose easy-to-installed and durable material that also display a wow factor in the featured bathroom renovation.
"Rubber and stainless steel were used extensively in all sections of this bathroom," said Banney. "With these supplied in pre-cut or sheeted form, the cost of materials was offset by savings on installation time. Laying tiles, for instance, would have been a labor-intensive – and therefore expensive – alternative."
"As well as being highly practical for a busy family, the stainless steel trough is also a continuation of the silver and black used extensively throughout the house," he stated.
"Rubber was also used on the floor to further unify the space," added Banney. "This provides a nonslip, utilitarian element in the bathroom. Using texturally interesting materials, such as rubber, creates a design feature while also achieving the practical result of clearly defining the spaces."

bon tong said...

A country-styled kitchen by Debra DeLorenzo

"For the new design, the homeowners wanted a fresh take on the country kitchen look – as well as improved access." said designer Debra DeLorenzo about the featured kitchen new designed idea, according to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh
construction materials
"To set about resolving these issues, we first removed the jutting wall – the ceiling beam shows where it was situated – and then introduced a new Falcon range. This traditionally styled appliance is set further back than the original pantry, increasing available pedestrian space. We chose the color red, as this fitted with the concept of a light, breezy space.
"The laundry, formerly alongside the old pantry, was moved downstairs, which freed up space for a large walk-in pantry," furthered DeLorenzo.
"I kept the rimu benchtop on the dresser, but decided to use a darker kwila wood for the new benchtops," stressed DeLorenzo. "Too many rimu surfaces would have looked overdone. This way, the dark wood makes a dramatic contrast with the light-toned floors."
"With most of the storage relegated to the walk-in pantry, I expanded the display options – creating several open shelves and glass-fronted cabinets to help show off the owners' prized collectibles," added DeLorenzo.

SenBlue said...

The Elegant Interior Design

Here is the elegant interior design belongs to the modern house, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated.
One more thing this house has been designed into the light and spacious gallery showroom in the heart of London’s design quarter.
In addition, this house is also decorated with the interesting color of blue and the white floor and walls, it is such a special one for the owners.
Moreover, the interior of the house shows the original key features of the house’s industrial heritage such as steel beams and sandblasted brickwork.
Indeed, a calm palette of materials and colors was then introduced such as a monolithic pale grey resin to all three floors, forming a theatrical and unified backdrop for the furniture displays.

Chhunmeng KabKab said...
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Chhunmeng KabKab said...

Architect’s kitchen design

According to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information, for the featured kitchen, the main motif owner-architect Nicholas Murray went after is the detail in the design.
"The white emporite bench and cabinet fronts are designed to be monolithic, in that the spaces for the stovetop and the bar stools appear to be cut from the rectangular shapes. The dark Italian wenge cabinets lend contrast and define the three shapes."
"To slightly blend the kitchen with the rest of the room – and to prevent it from looking too block-like – 60mm thick shelving extends from the wenge cabinets into the dining space," said Murray.
"Natural light comes through the clerestory windows, and the ceiling is uplit with skeeler lights around the outside of the room. This, combined with the plywood used for the ceiling, gives the room a feeling of warmth, similar to a lantern."

Thon Mey said...

Beyond the door by Hayley Brown

Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia construction materials, despite its openness, the main feature of the kitchen, scullery, is aesthetically hidden away from the sight with a camouflaged sliding door.
"Lit from behind, the scullery appears like a glowing wall, creating an illuminated backdrop to the main kitchen."
Streamlined and clutter-free image can be achieved also thanks to the concealed scullery which tuck away all of the mess and heavy functional elements.
Aluminum is used in doors and handles for the entire space. "Aluminum contributes to a clean, industrial look, without it appearing cold. The satin finish has a tactile appeal that draws people to it."
The sharp and bold metallic benchtops, cabinetry and shelves offers a contemporary edge reinforced and subdued by the soft and enlivening timber floors that suit with the stairs.

Rima Mar said...

Both worlds from Provincial Kitchens

"We all have a vision of our perfect kitchen. Whether it be a classic or modern design, Provincial Kitchens can help," – This is what Dominique McAdam of Provincial Kitchen has mentioned about the firm’s style in design, according to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information.
With over two and a half decades experience in the business, the designing company caters clients with great workmanship and customary style.
"We take genuine pride in our craft. From a project's inception we are personally involved, carefully guiding you through the design, material selection and installation process. Our specialists are happy working with you personally, or in conjunction with your interior designer or architect."

ratha em said...

Consortium to build cable system connecting Indonesia and Philippines with US
Well-known digital marketing agency, A consortium consisting of seven telecommunications companies have revealed plan to build underwater cable system linking Indonesia and the Philippines with the United States.
As planned, the Southeast Asia-United States (SEA-US) cable system will make a connection between Manado in Indonesia and Davao in the Philippines with Guam via the first independent segment and Guam, Hawaii and Los Angeles in the second segment.
The consortium will operate SEA-US, including PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), Globe Telecom in the Philippines, US-based RAM Telecom International (RTI), Hawaiian Telcom, GTI Corporation, Telkom USA and GTA in Guam. The cable system will be supplied by NEC Corp. and work is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2016.

SenBlue said...

The Beautiful Bright Interior

This interior is really beautiful with its bright yellow carpet, according to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials
One more thing, the purpose of the design is to create the feeling of cozy and appealing with its atmosphere and furniture arrangement.
As the designers explained, “Trinity Bellwoods Town + Homes are unabashedly contemporary in a market segment crowded with traditional product.
Within the residences, extended, horizontal spans of custom, open and closed millwork produce engaging compositions of solids and voids.
The stair, kitchen-island tower and integrated exhaust-hood introduce modulating elements of verticality.
Master suites feature Cecconi Simone custom sleep units, wall-mounted vanities and medicine cabinets accessed via a pivoting mirror”.

Rima Mar said...

A room with view by Tanya Campbell

As successful furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials
informed, the pictured kitchen, as part of a holiday home, offers a space of light-filled, spacious, private, and entertaining sanctum that maximize the picturesque outlook of the ocean.
The kitchen also incorporate a central dining area. "To make the dining experience as convenient as possible, it was crucial that the indoor kitchen was near this courtyard," designer Tanya Campbell said.
"We designed the kitchen island to run flush with the outer edge of the house. When you roll the sliders right back, this island doubles as a servery for the courtyard."

Thon Mey said...

Per special request by Angus Smith

"The clients also wanted an attractive kitchen that would be easy to work in," said designer Angus Smith for the featured kitchen’s renovation project. "Plenty of bench space and storage were other essential elements."
As successful furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials informed, the designer answered the demand by offering two food and cooking preparation area for providing easy access for more than one person in the space. Two sinks are specified – one on a large island of granite benchtop while another one on a long jarrah bench at the side.
The cabinetry is ample for plenty of storage while the island provides casual seating for the family. Stainless steel appliances finish off the design with a contemporary contrast.

Thon Mey said...

Behind closed doors

Delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials, homeowners nowadays look for a minimalist and clutter-free space that does not show any oversize supply or practical items or mess. This can be accomplished with the new Pandora and Cinetica collections from Bazzèo, who specializes in creating high-quality cabinets.
"In many homes today, the kitchen is an integral part of an open-plan living area, and people want to conceal the more functional aspects. They want cabinetry that integrates with the entire space – and they don't necessarily want to see appliances, faucets and cooktops. They also want to maximize counter space. Pandora and Cinetica provide an ideal solution." CEO Ana Sternberg
"Being able to conceal the more functional aspects of the kitchen means clutter can be eliminated and the living space is not compromised," said Iko Aviv, co-founder of Bazzèo and the creative mind behind Pandora and Cinetica.