Saturday, 24 July 2010

DAP News. Breaking News in Cambodia

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Cambodia Successfully Achieves Multi-National Military Exercise of Command Post

Friday, 23 July 2010 10:34 DAP-NEWS / Tep Piseth

CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, JULY 23, 2010-Cambodia on Friday successfully achieved the multi -national military exercise of command post from July 12-23, with support from the United States.

We have successfully achieved the exercise with concerts and objectives of command post exercise training as scheduled and this one of the great achievements of the GPOI-10 training exercise –Angkor sentinel 2010,”said Nhem Sowath, chief of political relation of defense ministry said

He added the members of participated countries and forces have changed a little bit compared to the organized plan which included sixteen countries, five observing countries and two international organizations due to the two countries were sent. However, the number of participated military increased from 137 to 167 since the number of observers has been increased and some of them became as official participants.

He highlighted that the exercise learned from the international laws, and shared experience, and disarmament, demobilization and affected and vulnerable populations and other roles of peacekeeping experience lecturing.

We do not forget the great contribute from our partners and the USPACOM and teachincal equipments, materials, fiancé, human resources and provided professional and skillful experiences for making this event happened.

US side admired the effort for Cambodia that organized this event. You will have responsibility when you meet the situation from exercise.

Statement of the Cambodian Council of Ministers

Friday, 23 July 2010 06:57 DAP-NEWS

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A Cambodian Woman Died, Other Five Injured Seriously From lighting Strike in Cambodia

Thursday, 22 July 2010 13:33 DAP-NEWS / Tep Piseth

CAMBODIA, BATTAM BONG, JULY 22, 2010-A woman died and other five people seriously injured from the lighting strike during heavy rain in O’pong Mon village, Takream commune, Banon district of Battambang province, western part of Cambodia, a police officer said on Thursday.

The lighting strike hit the tree where the victims were sheltering during the rain and it occurred about 3PM on Wednesday. A woman names Yoeun Yon, 40, died of lighting strike immediately at the scene and other five injured seriously,” But Sambo, police chief of Banon district said by phone.

Sambo continued that five injured people lost conscience at that time and they were taken to hospital and now they recovered. Last year, about 140 people were killed by lightning in Cambodia. The Cambodian authorities have always appealed repeatedly to local people about the danger of lighting strike after it showed cruelly. The authorities tell people to avoid holding iron, talking on phone and sheltering under the rain.


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