Friday, 25 February 2011

Cambodia Receives Cautions against Bird Flu

via CAAI

The death toll 1 in Cambodia has risen due to bird flu. The country has received warning from the disease experts of United Nations. They have cautioned that increased globalization has resulted in the spread of disease from animals to humans.

Dr. Subhash Morzaria, the Regional Manager of the UN Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases, has informed that increased deforestation, high population of domestic animals for food consumption, high human population, and the farming systems are the main reasons behind the increased risk of disease.

He told that the people are making themselves more prone to the risk of the disease by coming in contact with the animals. The contact of different animals increases the chances of transfer of pathogens from species to another.

The disease has spread in the country due to wild birds which means that the wild birds are highly infected with pathogenic avian influenza, commonly known as H5N1 virus.

The disease has also re-emerged in a developed nation like Japan which is a matter of concern. It may pose threat to the health of the workers.

Dr. Morzaria told that the main cause of disease transmission is raising and trading poultry and it could be prevented by the joint efforts of the governments.

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