Monday, 14 February 2011

Cambodia shows rattan gifts to world

via CAAI

Monday, 14 February 2011 15:00 Post Staff

Rattan home accessories made in Cambodia are being showcased this week at a leading home furnishings trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Baskets, lamp stands, trays and flower pots have been made by the Rattan Association of Cambodia with support from WWF.

The collection of clean and green products conform to European-quality standards and is a major push by Cambodian producers to seek new markets for their wares at the Ambiente international trade fair.

“With support from WWF’s rattan project, we achieved many creative and attractive product designs that we bring to the attention of international visitors at the fair, which provides a great opportunity for Cambodia rattan producers to learn more about international market requirements and trends, as well as marketing,” says Khun Than, vice chairman of the Rattan Association of Cambodia.

Meeting potential buyers from Europe is part of the agenda and will be aided by WWF members. The group of Cambodian exhibitors will meet representatives of the Swiss Import Promotion Program to promote their product designs.

Ou Ratanak, WWF’s rattan project manager, says Cambodian rattan producers are now able to tell buyers about their commitment to green production practices and meet demand.

“Rattan companies are ready to provide to the market environmentally friendly goods with diversified product designs,” he says.

WWF’s Sustainable Rattan Project aims at managing the tropical forests containing rattan and promoting cleaner production. These include the optimisation of material and energy flows, minimising waste and water contamination, and reducing carbon emissions.

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