Sunday, 20 February 2011

Governments bluster, people suffer

via CAAI

Published: 20/02/2011 

I don't understand why the Thai government should reject every proposal put forward by the Cambodian side _ especially inviting Asean observers into the disputed area in order to ensure that a permanent ceasefire is duly observed by both sides. Currently, Cambodian and Thai troops are within small-arms range of each other. That is very dangerous.

If both governments really put the safety of their peoples first and foremost prior to this, the recent clashes would not have happened. We haven't seen any generals or government ministers from either side die; it is only low-ranking soldiers and some poor souls in the area who have suffered severely.

Both the Thai and Cambodian governments must strive to make sure this foolish, uncivilised situation is resolved immediately.

Chavalit Van
Chiang Mai

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