Thursday, 10 February 2011

Hun Sen bully boy: Kasit (Come on Kasit be a gentleman.... you sound like a kid)

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By The Nation

Kasit labels Cambodian PM as bully boy, expresses suspicion Russia, India, China behind Cambodia's aggressiveness

Thai Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya Wednesday called Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen a bully boy who launched attacks against Thailand with hope to seize control of the disputed plot near Preah Vihear Temple.

Kasit was speaking at a seminar on Thai-Cambodian relationship at Parliament held by the Senate committee on foreign affairs.

Kasit told the seminar that the conflicts between the two countries happened because the Cambodian government incited hatred among its people towards Thailand.

Kasit said the Cambodian government told its people that Thailand had been bullying Cambodia during the past 600 and 700 years.

"Cambodian people were told that Thailand has been hitting Cambodians' head throughout 600 or 700 years," Kasit said.

Kasit said Thailand should have learnt a lesson from Cambodia winning the world court's ruling related to the Preah Vihear temple.

He added that although Cambodia may seek another ruling of the world court over the disputed 4.5 kilometre plot near the temple, the problem would not end "because Cambodia is using Thailand as a political tool".

Kasit said Cambodin now aimed only at completing the world heritage registration process of the ancient Hindu temple and seeking ownership of the 4.6 square km plot.

"But he may think that the Thai government is too slow to act on the dispute because the Thai government must first win approval from Parliament before carrying out any action. He may think that the prime minister is collaborating with Parliament to drag feet on the issue," Kasit said.

"So a way to push for what he wants fast is to start a severe battle like what happened on 4 February. And he did it successfully probably with help from other countries like Russia, India and China. Then, Cambodia filed a complaint with the UN Security Council," Kasit said, adding that he will travel to explain the issue to the council on February 14.

"I am ready to defend Thailand in all venues. We should not forget that we have the US a true friend.

"Although Cambodia created perception that it was harassed by Thailand and tried to win sympathy from the International Community, Thailand would not allow Hun Sen, a bully boy, to bully Thailand," Kasit said.

"Now, we have a bully boy harassing us near out house but we are a kind-hearted adult and allow Cambodians to enter our country without the need to get visa first."

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