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Inter-Ministerial Working Group for Battlefield Information Coordination Established

Phnom Penh, March 28, 2011 AKP – The Royal Government of Cambodia last week set up an inter-ministerial working group to coordinate in providing and making public the information about and from the battlefield.

The Inter-Ministerial Working Group for Battlefield Information Coordination, established by the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Decision signed by Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, is composed of Gen. Neang Phat, Secretary of State to the Ministry of Defense, as Chairman; H.E. Phay Siphan, spokesman of the Press and Quick Reaction Unit, as permanent Vice-Chairman; and H.E. Koy Kuong, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; and H.E. Chhum Socheat, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, as Vice-Chairmen.

The Inter-Ministerial Working Group is tasked with duty and responsibility to coordinate and ensure the unity, effectiveness and order in providing or disseminating the information about and from the battlefield, concerned with political stability and national security.

It will coordinate with the public media and guarantee highly-effective flows of information, aimed at protecting national interests and maintaining military advantages and national security.

It will also make formal release of military, political and diplomatic information, and make appropriate examination and decision with quickness and punctuality on military, political and diplomatic information requested by the media for the permission to release.

The Inter-Ministerial Working Group may also form technical groups if necessary with members selected from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Press and Quick Reaction Unit of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Information, the Units under the Ministry of Defense, the General Command, and the experts if needed. –AKP

By Ravuth M.


Cambodia, U.S. Open Workshop on MPAT TE-19

Phnom Penh, March 28, 2011 AKP – Cambodia’s Ministry of National Defense and U.S.’ Defense Department opened here last Wednesday a 10-day Workshop on Multinational Planning Augmentation Team Tempest Express 19.

The workshop was presided over by Cambodian Lieutenant General Nem Sovath, Director General of Cambodian Defense Ministry’s Department of Politics and Foreign Affairs and Mrs. Carol A. Rodley, U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia.

Addressing the workshop, Mrs. Rodley expressed her concern over the global catastrophe and terrorism at the sea, especially piracy.

The workshop has been attending by representatives from 23 countries, International Committee of the Red Cross, and UN’s agencies. –AKP

By KHAN Sophirom


NRK Staff Brings Home New Experience

Phnom Penh, March 28, 2011 AKP – Wider coverage via digital mode is one of the key experiences brought home by seven officials of the National Radio of Kampuchea (NRK) after their eight-day exposure visit to the Melbourne-based Australia Broadcasting Corporation in mid March 2011.

Sponsored by AusAid, the exposure visit allowed the seven Cambodian officials to different divisions and services of the Australia’s national public broadcaster, especially the Radio Australia.

“We have learned about how to build up listeners’ confidence on radio programme, especially the call-in show, in a manner that they can share issues happening in their community,” said Mr. Kry Chamroeun, head of Battambang provincial Information Department who led the delegation for the exposure visit.

Founded in December 1939, the Radio Australia started to host the programme in Khmer language 53 years later. It is now an NRK’s primary partner.

The 7th of its kind, this round of exposure visit gave chance to four staff from Battambang-based branch and three staff from NRK central office in Phnom Penh. –AKP

By MOM Chan Dara Soleil


Sovanna Komar Organization Provides More Than US$1 Million to Cambodia

Phnom Penh, March 28, 2011 AKP – Sovann Komar Children’s Village has provided US$1,157,100 for orphans and abandoned children in Cambodia.

The grant agreement was inked here on Mar. 25 by H.E. Hao Bun Se, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation and Mr. Sothea Arun, Executive Director and co-founder of Sovanna Komar Children’s Village.

Some 100 Cambodian orphans and abandoned children will benefit from the project, which has started since Mar. 25, in accommodation, food, clothes, general education, English language, as well as other skills. –AKP

By LIM Nary


COMMENTARY: What ‘Secrets’ Is the Thai Government Protecting?

Phnom Penh, March 28, 2011 AKP – A day before the informal meeting of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers in Jakarta on 22 February, the Thai government asked Indonesia to send observers to the so-called disputed area near the Temple of Preah Vihear. The next day, in the presence of ASEAN Foreign Ministers from eight countries, the Thai government agreed to allow Indonesian observers to enter the area along the frontier line where deadly fighting between Cambodian and Thai armed forces erupted from 4 to 7 February.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has clearly declared that on the Cambodian side of the frontier, Indonesian observers will have full freedom of access: “They can go anywhere, they can go any time, and they can see anything they want to see.” The Cambodian government responded promptly and positively to Indonesian letters involving the terms of reference for the observers. Even if Thailand rejects observers, Cambodia is willing to accept them unilaterally.

Indonesia initially proposed that the General Border Commission and Joint Boundary Committee meeting be held in Bogor on 24-25 March. This was later delayed to 7-8 April. But even these postponed meetings are now being objected to by the Thai Army Chief, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of security and Defence Minister, among others.

The Thai government doesn’t want the meetings to take place even though it had previously made the holding of these meetings a precondition for the deployment of the Indonesian observers agreed to on 22 February. And it doesn’t want any observers who can actually observe anything. Now, it has begun to let a little of its real intentions leak out.

MCOT online news reported on 23 March: “Thai army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha on Wednesday said resolving the border conflict between Thailand and Cambodia will be more difficult if Indonesia sends observers into the disputed areas …”.

The same report continued: “The Thai army commander-in-chief expressed his disagreement following reports that Indonesian observers will enter the contested zone to observe the situation.” So, it seems that MCOT (which is 77 per cent owned by the Thai government) doesn’t know that its owner publicly asked for observers and then signed an agreement to that effect in Jakarta on 22 February. No, there are only “reports” that Indonesian observers might show up, and who knows where those “reports” might come from.

The Thai government is displaying its contempt for the opinions of ASEAN, the United Nations Security Council and the international community. Its arguments are so childish that it can hardly expect them to be taken seriously. No one has ever suggested that Indonesian observers would settle the problem created by Thailand’s recent claim over Cambodian territory. The reason for having observers is to report to the world who is responsible for any further outbreaks of fighting near the border — and thereby to prevent them.

The Thai government has already caused extensive damages to the Temple of Preah Vihear by its aggression against Cambodia. However, in defiance of the urging of the UN Security Council on 14 February for a permanent ceasefire and of the spirit of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers meeting and even of its own statement at that meeting, the Thai government continues its attempts to block every step towards preventing further armed clashes.

The Thai authorities initially began their delayed tactics to the deployment of the Indonesian observers they had agreed to by suggesting that there were military secrets that had to be protected. Next they insisted that there had to be meetings of the GBC and JBC before anything could happen. Now the GBC and JBC meetings can’t happen unless they are conducted in secret, with no neutral observers. That is the only way that the Thai government attempts to foul ASEAN, UNSC and international community in order to hide its most important secret about the situation on the border: that it is attempting to use military force to reverse the 1962 ruling of the International Court of Justice.

By Long Sokun
Researcher on the Case Concerning the Temple of Preah Vihear
(Cambodia vs. Thailand) 15 June 1962

(The comments are solely the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Royal Government of Cambodia.)


Cambodia To Construct Its Biggest Boulevard Ever

Phnom Penh, March 28, 2011 AKP –The biggest boulevard ever in the history of Cambodia will emerge in the southern part of Phnom Penh Capital in a few-year time and be named as Samdech Hun Sen Boulevard – a dedication to the rare leadership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia.

The three-year historic project has been officially agreed by the Royal Government of Cambodia and is undergoing feasibility study for the construction that will cost approximately US$36 million.

With 60 meter width and the length of more than nine kilometers, the Samdech Hun Sen Boulevard will link Street 271 of Phnom Penh to National Road 2 at Prek Ho district, Takhmao town of Kandal province. It is expected to contribute to solving the traffic congestion problem in the capital.

According to Phnom Penh Governor H.E. Kep Chutema, a thorough study is needed for the construction in order to ensure improved function of the two lakes that the Cambodia’s biggest boulevard will run across.

The two lakes, Boeung Tumpun and Boeung Choeung Ek, play a vital role to stock water from major sewage systems in Phnom Penh.

AZ TOWN company has been commissioned to construct the new boulevard. –AKP

By MOM Chan Dara Soleil

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