Tuesday, 22 March 2011

British Paedophile To Be Extradited


via CAAI

March 21, 2011

A Bangkok court has granted Cambodia’s request for the extradition of the so-called “dump-site paedo”, David Fletcher, British citizen, who has been remanded in Bangkok since July last year.

20th March 2011 [PDN]: Mr. Fletcher has been accused of performing deviant sexual acts with children, recruited from a Phnom Penh dump-site and of operating a scam non-profit charity during his sojourn in the neighbouring kingdom. Mr. Fletcher fled to Thailand from Phnom Penh in July/August last year.

The case was filed by prosecutors of the International Affairs Department in response to a request made by Cambodia through the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Royal Thai Police Office.

The court found that David John Fletcher, aged 65, was initially arrested and charged with rape in Cambodia. Then he fled to Thailand, saying that he was afraid that a group of influential Phnom Penh people would harm his life if he stayed in Cambodia, since he did not cooperate with them in a money-laundering scam. When arrived in Thailand in August last year, Fletcher was arrested for immigration offences.

Fletcher was a leader of a children’s charity in Phnom Penh. Fletcher had denied all rape charges with these children.

Fletcher’s defense of being framed by powerful Cambodian businessmen, who wanted him out of the way was rejected by Thailand’s Justice Department, who decided to return him to Phnom Penh to present his case to Cambodia’s judges.

The court detained him until his extradition to Cambodia under the Thai-Cambodian extradition treaty and the Thai-Cambodian Extradition Act of 2000.

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