Thursday, 10 March 2011

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Women Role Talks in ASEAN Inter–Parliament Meeting

Thursday, 10 March 2011 07:24 DAP-NEWS/VICHET KHUN

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA, MARCH 10, 2011-Cambodia on Thursday hosted the Asean Inter-Parliament assembly meeting to promote women right and their role in region.

The seminar of ASEAN Inter- Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) on accelerating the achievements of MDG5 through the role of women parliamentarians talked widely.

The seminar is meant as a milestone set by women parliamentarians of Cambodia together with women parliamentarians from all AIPA/ ASEAN countries to voice their concern over issues still endured by women in the region.

“I believe women parliamentarians. We are persuading the local women to check health and ns of each country can collaborate with each other in sharing experiences and good practice to find out potentials ideas and programs to accelerate achievement of the MDGS,” Lok Chum Teav Bun Rany, wife of PM Hun Sen said in her speech in the workshop.

“We need the important factors to help women such as political willingness from lawmakers, laws enforcement, providing finance, education and promoting deep awareness, promotion partnership for women parliament,” She noted.

“Women parliamentarians may have important duty in pushing forwards on more women in engaging in politics and decision making at the national assembly and sub national level. She added.


Wife of Former President Marcos Attends Seminar of Women Parliamentarians in Cambodia

Thursday, 10 March 2011 07:18 DAP-NEWS/BUD NISAY

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA, MARCH 10, 2011-Madam Imeldal Marcos on Thursday attended the workshop on the role of women parliamentarians to speed up the development of women and offering power for them to decide in families and state affairs.

The seminar also encouraged the women to promote their rights and gender equality in region.

In her nice red dress, Madam Imedal Marcos seat in second row on the stage floor of workshop behind Cambodian PM Hun Sen’s wife, Lok Chum Teav Bun Rany Hun Sen. Madam Marcos listens carefully the speech from Lok chum teav Bun Rany.

A Cambodian student who joined the seminar said that wife of former president Marcos is very younger than her age. Madam Marcos is about 40 years old, he said. Actually, she is 82 years old. “She is still firm in her heath, he noted.

Her dress ( Imeldal) is too brilliant for Cambodian students, a Cambodia girl student note.

She currently chairs the House of Representatives’ special committee on millennium development goals. She is also a member of the following committee: Ecology, foreign affairs, intern-parliamentarian relations and diplomacy, tourism, women and gender equality and appropriations.

Media in Cambodia wants to reach to her for interview but they do not have chance. She was in group of delegation.


Cambodia PM Urges Thailand to OK Indonesia’s Request

Thursday, 10 March 2011 04:18 DAP-NEWS/ SORN SOPHEAK

BATTAMBANG, CAMBODIA, MARCH 10, 2011-Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Thursday called on Thailand to respond to ASEAN’s Indonesian Foreign Minister’s proposal to send observers to the conflict area.

PM affirmed that Cambodia had agreed with Indonesia, which is head of ASEAN leading ASEAN to send observers the border.

He added, “If Thailand don’t respond to Indonesia, I would like to appeal to the United Nations Security Council and ASEAN to see whether who loves peace and want to put an end to the border dispute.”

PM continued, “Cambodian side has already informed Indonesia about the position where the observers will be placed and the period of the fact-finding mission.” “If Thailand agrees to Indonesia’s request, Cambodia will send its head of diplomat to the meeting of border committee.”

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