Friday, 7 March 2008

Ieng Sary Ends Hospital Stint

By Mean Veasna, VOA Khmer
Original report from Phnom Penh
06 March 2008

Khmer audio aired March 6 (686 KB) - Listen (MP3)

Jailed Khmer Rouge leader Ieng Sary ended a two-week stay in the hospital Thursday, as the tribunal moved closer to trials of five aging leaders.

Ieng Sary's release from the hospital came a day after Nuon Chea, the senior-most jailed Khmer Rouge leader, underwent a check-up.

Nuon Chea's lawyer Son Arun said Thursday he was appealing to tribunal judges to be appraised whenever his client is moved to the hospital.

Ieng Sary, the former Khmer Rouge foreign affairs minister, who is 82, was rushed to the hospital in February after urinating blood. His attorneys have argued he should not be kept in tribunal detention but held under house arrest.

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