Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Two Cases of Intimidation Are Ordered to Be Investigated

Posted on 19 March 2008.
The Mirror, Vol. 12, No. 552

Samdech Hun Sen: You haven’t got power yet, but you have already violated the rights of citizens“Prey Veng: Samdech Akak Moha Senapadei Dekchor Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, ordered to have two cases of intimidation investigated. The first case is in Kompong Thom and the another case is in Takeo. Samdech Dekchor Hun Sen ordered to have these two cases of intimidation investigated on the morning of 17 March 2008, during his speech at a school inauguration at Wat Prohea Tbong, located in Chres, Me Sang, Prey Veng.

“Samdech Dekchor asked to see who else would fight against this kind of violation of the right of people. He said ‘These people do not yet have power, but they have already violated the right of citizens. What else would they do if they had the power? This is a problem we need to solve.’ Samdech Dekchor insisted that there must be an investigation in Kompong Thom. He asked Mr. Sok Pheng [former Sam Rainsy Party [[SRP]] member of the National Assembly, now member of the Cambodian People’s Party [[CPP]] ] to take the lead in the investigation and to send reports to human rights groups, foreign embassies, and so on… and see what they think about this issue.

“Regarding the other case of intimidation in Takeo, Mr. Ngor Sovann [former SRP member of the National Assembly for 11 years, now member of the CPP] said that one blind person and one amputee, who are living in Hanuman, Trapeang Thnong, Bati, Takeo, were intimidated on telephone that they might be killed. Samdech Dekchor ordered to have these phone numbers checked so that the intimidators will be identified and be questioned about their motivations, so that all people will know who is violating human rights and the rights of citizens.

“Samdech Prime Minister said that he has been in power for a long time. He said if he decided to fight, he would go to war; but since there is no war, he ordered to destroy many weapons. He said ‘Up to now, more than 230,000 weapons have been destroyed. Not only weapons use is banned, but also the use of rubber slingshots. Therefore these cases must be investigated. These people do not yet have power, but they want to restrict other people. I have never threatened anyone; all people can go wherever they want; if you want to return to Cambodia, it is up to you… I have made it clear to Samdech Chea Sim, to Samdech Heng Samrin, and to other leaders of the CPP that the CPP has been and will remain the center for national unity and solidarity.’

“Samdech Dekchor emphasized that ‘we have to protect all people regardless which party they belong to.’ He strongly criticized those who have not yet power, but are already so cruel… Regarding the security of those who defected from other parties into the CPP, Samdech Dekchor said, ‘Please don’t worry about anything.’

“Samdech Dekchor continued that ‘being patient is another issue, but as prime minister, I have to take action and to solve all kinds of problems. Whatever I do, I do on a legal basis. We have been struggling for many things during the time of difficulties till now. So far, 57 political parties have registered with the Ministry of Interior. There are more than 2,000 NGOs. There are so many journalists. But some party leaders are dictators and do not allow other people to speak up.’

“Samdech Dekchor said, ‘May the next election be safe for our citizens. If compared to 2003, however, it is different, as it is almost April and nothing bad is being heard… In the past it was said that the ruling party threatened other parties. But now the opposition party threatens the ruling party.’ Samdech Dekchor said, ‘If an official or a member of the CPP threatens other people who do not belong to their party, it would be a serious mistake. I hope that such cases will not happen. This is really a mistake.’

“Samdech added, ‘Intimidation is not only useless, but it also brings negative results for a party. Because intimidation is not a party policy, and as the election is secret, people can vote for another party. It is their choice. As a result, those who use intimidation are very uneducated; and the CPP will never do such thing.’

“In his speech, the Prey Veng governor Mr. Ung Samy said ‘Wat Prohea Tbong is already 307 years old. In the past it was a hill with many plants growing on it, surrounded by bamboo fences. The pagoda is located in the northern part of Me Sang, about 12 kilometers [from the provincial town], covering an area of 14 hectares. Wat Prohea Tbong is one of 492 pagodas in Prey Veng. Just as other pagodas in the whole country, this pagoda badly suffered from destruction caused by the Pol Pot genocidal regime, but it was reconstructed after 7 January 1979.’

“Mr. Ung Samy added, ‘Since 2000, faithful Buddhists of the pagoda, with a major contributions from Mr. Nhim Vanda, Mr. Nuth Sa An, and Her Excellency (no name given) as well as other faithful Buddhists from other places, this pagoda has been under reconstruction for eight years. It cost over Riel 355 million [more that US$90.000]. This is the result of solidarity.”

Koh Santepheap, Vol. 41, #6299, 18.3.2008

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