Sunday, 20 April 2008

Behind the green fence

Building work on the flooding relief system continues behind the green fence

A look behind the green fence on Sisowath Quay

Did you want to know what's behind that corrugated green fence that blocks off most of the riverside view along Sisowath Quay these days in Phnom Penh? It isn't particularly interesting but worth a quick posting, just so you can see the progress they are making in their attempts to alleviate the capital's flooding problems during the rainy season. I don't get down to the riverside area much so I was pleased that they have covered large sections of the green fence with billboards and posters, some of which are proclaiming the delights to be found in Cambodia's other provinces. I'm not sure of the timelines regarding the construction work as it stands, it was a ridiculously long period at the beginning but they seem to be making progress.

The riverside view is changing forever with landscaping on both sides of the Tonle Sap River

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