Sunday, 20 April 2008

High demand for textile in Cambodia

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By By our correspondent

KARACHI: Minister of Pakistan Embassy in Cambodia, Naseerullah Baloch has informed that there is a high demand for textile apparels in Cambodia and local businessmen should concentrate on the region to increase bilateral trade.

He said that Cambodia had recently discovered oil in its region, which would be utilised in the coming years, thereby predicting strong economic growth and increased international trade that would help the country to prosper.

During a meeting with the members of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he further added that the textile industry should export raw materials and yarn to the country, since it is the strongest industry in both states.

He stated that Pakistani businessmen should also set up warehouse facilities to store the goods they export from here.

Since Cambodia is a poor country whose imports were worth only US$2 billion and had almost insignificant exports.

Baloch said that pharmaceutical is another industry which has high demand there and Pakistan should work to promote local products in single country exhibitions.

He added that they would be also participating in the My Karachi exhibition to be held in June.

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