Thursday, 21 August 2008

Early return for Dam Sith

Cambodge Soir

The editor-in-chief of Moneakseka Khmer is a member of the Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) ;a spokesman for the latter had announced his exile in the US on political grounds.

Dam Sith did not actually flee to the US. He has returned to Phnom Penh after being invited by fellow SRP members to tour several American cities, announced the short-lived political refugee to Cambodge Soir Hebdo.

“I was invited by SRP members who live in America and took a few days off before coming back to Cambodia” added Dam Sith.

On Monday August 18, the SRP general secretary Mu Sochua had declared in the Mekong Times that Dam Sith had fled to America “fearing for his life”.

“His journalistic career is at risk because one of his colleagues was murdered and the crime remains unsolved” Mu Sochea added , referring to the killing of Khim Sambor on July 11.

Son Chhay, a SRP MP, revealed that thanks to party support Dam Sith had obtained a visa to leave for the US before the elections.

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