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Letter to Ex-King Norodom Sihanouk By Sourn Serey Ratha Chief Mission of CACJE

Cambodian Action Committee for Justice & Equity

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No: 0036/CACJE
Date: 18th Sptember 2008,

TO: SAMDACH NORODOM SIHANOUK, Ex-King of Cambodia and former Chief of State

Subject: Request your Majesty to make statement before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC).

Reference: (1) Your letter to me (When I was President of NGOs Alliance for Freedom and Advocacy) dated on July, 2006.

(2) You’re your interview with the BBC dated on January 4, 1999. In reference to the above subject, I request Your Majesty to have the courage to come to the ECCC on your own free will without the convocation of the co-Investigating judges and co-prosecutors of ECCC.

In spite of your role as a victim, or witness or defendant, I request and insist your Majesty to enlighten the ECCC about the prime cause/reason of the creation of the Khmer Rouge regime in order to clarify about the responsibility of foreign governments behind the scene.

I request you especially to name the names of people and organizations who were your collaborators for the creation of your Marquis, your Royal Government of National Union of Cambodia (GRUNK) and the National United front of Cambodia (FUNK) which became later the Khmer Rouge regime leadership which committed genocide against its own people.

In my last letter to the co-Investigating judges and co-prosecutors of ECCC of September 16, 2008, I point out the weakness of the ECCC on the fact that the Courts investigation and the verdict would base mainly its decision on the bulk of documents of Tuol Sleng, S-21 Prison and the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-CAM).

Indeed, these evidences were fabricated and doctored by Hanoi government officers and DC-CAM produced research not very accurate.

I believe that the ECCC aim is to reveal the truth but not bury the truth.

For this reason, I insist your Majesty to come to the ECCC with courage as you have shown in your quoted letters, as dignified by your high royal title voted by the National Assembly as the great king who renders justice to millions of victims and their loves ones who were slaughtered during the Khmer Rouge regime, to enlighten the courts on your own free will without the court subpoena of the co-Investigating judges and co-prosecutors of ECCC.

I believe that your Majesty likes much more to have justice done than your title and your immunity rights.

Not only that your Majesty would like to have justice done, and also you would like to have the punishment fit accordingly to the importance to their committed crime as former leaders of Khmer Rouge Regime who ordered or as leaders who executed the order to commit genocide against its own people.

Very respectfully,

Sourn Serey Ratha
Chief Mission

 Your original letter on July, 2006
 BBC News Online Network January 04, 1999

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