Thursday, 18 September 2008

Thailand accuses Cambodia of encroaching upon its territory

Cambodge Soir


Yet one more! The neighbouring Kingdom is claiming sovereignty over the temple of Ta Krabey after its soldiers moved to that area, resulting in a standoff with their Cambodian counterparts.

The Cambodian Ambassador in Bangkok still can’t believe it. On the 16th of September, he received a “reminder” from the Permanent Secretary at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to demonstrate against a “violation of sovereignty from Thailand over the temple of Ta Kwai in the Thai province of Surin”.

This information follows a brief incursion, according to the Cambodian authorities, of Thai soldiers in the temple of Ta Krabey, Khmer name for Ta Kwai.

Both Kingdoms currently fight over the border question in this area, near the temple of Preah Vihear. For what concerns Khieu Kanharith, government spokesperson, the Thais are using a map which they drew up themselves, while Cambodia uses a map recognised by the Franco-Thai Convention.

As if questioning himself, Khieu Kanharith asks: “Do we discuss the border layout through the press or around a negotiation table? “ While the internal crisis affecting Thailand is dragging on, the minister adds, while taking a hardly veiled menacing stance, that “Cambodia’s patience has limits, at the end of the day only the international institution remains”.

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