Sunday, 26 October 2008

Oregon Coast Winery Owner Expands Humanitarian Efforts in Cambodia

The orphanage in Cambodia: one of the first buildings built (photo Shackelford).
(Nehalem, Oregon) - Ray Shackelford, owner of Nehalem Bay Winery and Depoe Bay Winery, is expanding his humanitarian efforts in a downtrodden region of Cambodia.

In recent years, his money and actual manpower helped build two schools and a sewing industry that helps create an economy for two towns. Now, in the Cambodian village of Trung Treung - about 90 miles southwest of Phenom Pen, the orphanage that began last year has expanded from one building to three, allowing for more babies to be rescued.

Through Shackelford’s Anyway Foundation, he has raised about $3000 to help these impoverished people and others in the region not just survive but to help themselves. But the vast majority of the money spent - in the tens of thousands - has come from his own pocket.

Shackelford personally helps out in Cambodia

Originally, Shackelford started helping out the tiny village of Chheneng, in the Mondulkiri province of Cambodia, an impoverished place populated by the Pnong, an ethnic minority that suffered much under regimes of the last century in both Cambodia and Vietnam. The village had no running water or electricity, and they have little to eat on a regular basis, mostly foraging in the jungle for food.

Shackelford has been helping out with donations and strategies that have given them a means to help themselves – much more than just a handout. Shackelford, along with a pair of other local men and villagers, have built two schools, another well for the people, and a sewing shop that is helping them on their way to self-sufficiency.

People in the village of Chheneng, Cambodia.

Then, in late 2007, he began an orphanage a few hundred miles away from Chheneng. The first building at the orphanage was remodeled at that time, and a second and third building have now been added. There are currently 13 children at the orphanage, but the capacity has now been expanded to 20 – which Shackelford believes will be reached sometime this year.

The first building went from a dirt floor to a solid floor last year, and a western-style bathroom was added for increased hygiene. There are better living quarters for the nannies, a groundskeeper, and the facility has a clean water system – the only one in this area.

“That’s one reason the babies are so healthy,” said Shackelford.

The babies range in age from three months to just under one year. One three-month-old came to the facility so undernourished she looked like only a few weeks old. Now, she too is quite healthy.

Other successes of the orphanage include five of the original 11 babies have been adopted in the last year. There is now one nanny for two babies as well – a total of 13 babies altogether at the moment. Heartbreaking stories still loom, but they soon turn to successes.

Such as the sickly infant found abandoned under a rubber tree in recent months, apparently without food for maybe days. Or the other little one who had lived on only water after the grandmother became too sick to move and take care of her.

“She probably would’ve been dead soon,” Shackelford said. “For eight days, she’d had nothing but a rag to suck on and water. The father had died of AIDS, and the mother left the child with the grandmother, who could not care for her.”
Nehalem Bay Winery, on the north coast.

The grandmother died shortly after. But both babies were nursed back to health and later adopted out, making a happy ending.

The water system comes from a tower, which pumps water from a nearby pond. The water is then run through several filters to clean it up, and then boiled before use in the formula. There is now even some electricity in the facility via generator, which among other important aspects, allows the nannies to watch TV on their off hours.

Although they will be able to host up to 20 kids for the first year, more space may become available later on.

Shackelford said that when one of these children gets adopted to a western country it’s like hitting the lottery for them. “Just the new life, being a kid from Cambodia and then going to be being raised in a western country like Spain or France or whatever,” he said. “That’s phenomenal.”

Shackelford is hoping to coax more donations from the outside world through his Anyway Foundation. Each child costs approximately $158 per month. The new additions of the two buildings cost $7000 – which are staggeringly cheap by western standards, but the bills do stack up.

Nehalem Bay Winery is located on the north Oregon coast, between Wheeler and Nehalem. Contact Shackelford at 503-368-9463.


Eko Dinda said...

The Nature View Design Cafe
According to construction in Cambodia construction materials reported, the Graffiti Café is designed which focus on two part.
By this way the interior is a natural continuation of the architecture and it has separated the area into two zones.
Once is the front zone was incorporated into the outdoor creating public space and make the guest feel better with the image of the building.
Then the rear zone was separated through floor and roof design that allowed reducing depth of space while keeping the impressive view of a wide area.

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The Creative and Attractive Showroom

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vong dara said...

Powder room: A place that can adopt Art Deco style

Upon keeping the sense of originality of the house, designer Lorna Wallace has used 1930s Art Deco style to create a powder room for owner to enjoy the classical art despite having a chic shelter, as delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials
Wallace stated: "I went for Hollywood Art Deco, rather than a more muted Southern Hemisphere Art Deco look. But two black-and-white prints depicting images of the time, such as the woman in the swimsuit, were taken much more recently,"
"We designed the mirror and wall sconces especially for this space. The intersecting geometric shapes and lines reference the Deco style." she added.

Thon Mey said...

A big evolution by Lindy Leuschke

"The architecture, structure and design of the house was very sound. Our job was to evolve a well-designed and well-built 25-year-old house, and renovate it to the taste of the new owners." stated Lindy Leuschke of the house design concept.
"Although it was not the original intention of the redesign, we quickly saw the space potential to move the master bedroom to the second floor, and extend it into the ceiling cavity to create an adjoining master bathroom," the architect stated.
"The bathtub is a bold statement. Its shape has a hovering effect, but its size helps to anchor it within the overall space. Thick-set stainless steel stem fittings complement the chunkiness of the tub." Leuschke mentioned about the bathroom design besides the huge development of the house.

"The owners preferred the vanity cabinets to be out of the bedroom sight line, as this is a more practical area, where people are preparing for the day." she finalized, as furniture in Cambodia construction materials reported.

Thon Mey said...

The Vast Living Space Apartment

The owners of this apartment wanted designers design this apartment is completely empty, no terminations or internal divisions, they wanted only the perimeter wall of glass like a spot in the highest.
According to furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials reported, this apartment is designed for minimum divisions as widely as possible and shows the presence of the space above the elements and working with scales that allow loose live, because the owners wanted to live in the vast space.
One more thing the concentration is on all the boundaries, which descript about the high quality of house’s furnishes, in simple encounters, the combination of textures, contrasts between shiny and opaque and other qualities of the envelope.
The more special for this apartment is 360 degree view that forward from the city in the bedroom wing to the open coast.

Chhunmeng CoolBoy said...

The Comfortable House

It is a house is designed with the simple form, according to furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials
One more thing the interior of this house is spacious; it becomes an interesting and important one because of dark colors.
In addition the walls of this house are gray, and the kitchen is entirely in black veneer, in order to cheer and make the décor vivid with lighter are selected table and chairs in pale wood color.
Anyway the living room, where the family stay together is more comfortable and convenient, beautiful fireplace, and the glass doors sliding behind walls divide the space between the inside and outside.

RedJuly said...

The perfectly Beauty House

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By this way we can see a little bit of everything when we come to the interior design, and then it is not tradition and its furniture is pairs, and it is decorated with clean lines, so its beauty is more serious and attractive.
One more thing it make the visitor and owner feel coastal, but need more contrast than just muted tone with its design around texture and color.
It is one kind of house that everyone prefers to have and spend their time, it just perfect.

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Aquatica opts award-winning tapware for promotion

With many choice of practical and aesthetic tapware to choose from, the New Zealand-located supplier Aquatica has decided to promote its proud Designex award-winning imported tapware range, OnlyOne, as provided by notable furniture in Cambodia construction materials
Designed by Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani, the range style consists of minimalism and innovation. It comes with a basin mixer and a three-hole washbasin mixer with regulating jets. A bath jet, concealed washbasin mixer, and a 480mm shelf with toiletry holders are also included in the range. The range is known to work best when joining with HeyJoe and LoveMe ranges.
Besides the award-claiming tapware, Aquatica also imported a comprehensive range of bathroomware solutions that best match with the nation demands.

chamroeun messi said...

Duplicate illumination by Lisa Peck

Delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials, due to its location, introducing lighting system to the featured bathroom was essential in creating the right ambience of minimalist tranquility.
"Because this is an internal bathroom with no windows, it was essential to keep it bright and inviting," said designer Lisa Peck. "This was the major design challenge for the bathroom. With sconces on the mirrors as well as downlights, the lighting replicates natural light."
The designer also introduced artistic approach in the design.
"Even with contemporary cabinets and faucets, there is a softer, hand-made quality in evidence. The painting is by a graffiti artist and the sconces were hand-made by a glass blower in Italy. "
"The limestone has a linear quality that is not dissimilar to the rift-sawn ash that features elsewhere in the house." she added.

Vannak Chhorm said...

The Amazing and Perfect House

Here is the spacious house is perfect for a large family, trustworthy to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials provided.
In addition this house has four rooms show over two floors make up the apartment’s floor plan.
One more thing the top floor of this house can be achieved via the elevator and its two-level split space makes it perfectly.
Indeed this house has all the important things, which ensure a modern and comfortable urban life for the modern family.
Anyway the large kitchen open to a South-oriented balcony, it is perfect for enjoy the morning coffee.
By this way from the kitchen, there is the living room open up and display the white round staircase leading up to the two bedrooms and the sixth floor, this house’s designing is just amazing and perfect.

vong dara said...

Visual link by Janet Brooks and Angelica Henry

As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materialsinformed, using dark and sophisticated tones in material and color palettes, designers Janet Brooks and Angelica Henry achieved a great visual connection between the bedroom and bathroom of the featured master suite.
"The master bathroom is a few steps away from the bedroom but the connection is strong in several ways," says Brooks. "Stained oak cabinetry that wraps around the headboard, for example, is used again on the custom-stained his-and-hers wood vanities. These are found in two ancillary rooms that lead off the bathroom proper. In fact, this wood connects several rooms in the home."
"Drama was important to both spaces as well," says Henry. "The leather headboard and soffit make a strong, protective statement over the bed and this quality is echoed in the freestanding stone tub in the center of the generous-sized bathroom."

Rima Mar said...

Blurring the line by Gerhard Heusch

Delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials, owner-architect Gerhard Heusch decided to play with his own home design with a concept of blurring the indoor and outdoor.
"The California climate lends itself to the use of a lot of glass in building design. Through floor-to-ceiling glazing, I aimed to melt the borders between inside and outside – bringing the landscape in as much as possible."
"I love open spaces. Throughout the house there is a deliberately restrained palette of colors and materials to enhance this," he stated.
"Brazilian walnut is a very hardy timber. The outdoor timber has not weathered – even though some time has passed. Indoors it was treated with a wax, while outdoors it was oiled," said Heusch.

RedJuly said...

Hidden assistant by Susan Palmquist

According to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information, designed by Susan Palmquist, the featured laundry room was designed to optimize the space with its functional pieces concealed to provide more than a practical benefit.
"The condominium is contained in a high-rise building, so the existing plumbing and electrical connections needed to be maintained. Keeping the new laundry in same place, we took out the door that separated it from the kitchen, raised the ceiling and removed a sink that was between the washer and dryer," she says. "The extra room enabled us to build a tall bank of storage cabinets along one wall and add a new countertop."
To make the room seem approachable, the designer chose to conceal the washer and dryer within the cabinets. "Miele appliances are well-known for their quiet operation. That, coupled with the fact that they are concealed behind cabinetry, means noise levels are kept to a minimum," added Palmquist.

bon tong said...

The Beautiful Well Arrangement Villa

This house is really beautiful and well arrangement villa, and also surrounded by fresh natural environment, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated.
One more thing, this elegant design Sunrise House offers a combination of Luxury and comfort to the all people, who enter into it.
In addition, this elegant villa provides access to a private beach, and then it can welcome warmly with more than ten guests.
Furthermore, this villa is characterized by simplicity and sophistication, and it features five bedroom, a beautiful living area, a house theater, gym, tennis court, swimming pool and lovely terraces.
Indeed, the interiors have a genuine holiday feel with eclectic furniture arrangements and plenty of seating options.
Moreover, stone and wood add an original touch to the exterior appearance, while the dominant white color inspires serenity throughout.

RedJuly said...

The Creative Wooden Color House

This is the beautiful house has been created in beautiful wooded colors for bohemian life, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia
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One more thing this house is inspired from Japanese tradition and elegant minimalistic furnishing and multipurpose arrangement.
In addition, this house has been developed of the skillful crafting of contemporary architectural detail while composing the design and artful ambiance for this house.
Indeed this house was designed as the original and creative , and then this house was starting with floor to ceiling windows that welcome wonderful open air and skyscraper urban view and finishing with the multifunctional usage of architectural and design elements.
Furthermore, the living space is filled as artful and funky by smooth wooden surface, marble appliances, glass partitions and contemporary furnishing.

Thon Mey said...

A fascinating barn kitchen design by Jay Deguchi

"It had to be flamboyant and different. He enjoys technology, and liked the idea of having machines juxtaposed against the primitive barn." said architect Jay Deguchi of the featured kitchen design, according to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information.
"The sheet was delivered in one huge coil, and when we unrolled it, we were struck by its natural leather-like texture. We decided to just clean it, rather than polishing it like the wall cabinetry."
"This gave us the opportunity to retain the organic beauty of the raw stainless steel, and to play with the differences in the character and finishes of the steel," said the architect."
"The kitchen area is so large that it needed some definition above the island. These fittings are dramatic and cast a glow over the whole space," added Deguchi.

SenBlue said...

Yahoo Japan to sell analytics as a service
Well-known digital marketing agency, Yahoo Japan has partnered with US cloud-based big data provider Treasure Data to create big data insight service with the pair’s first offering aimed at crunching marketing data.
According to the partnership, their cloud-based big data service would be quicker and cheaper than doing the same thing in-house; it will also allow real-time processing and analysis of data from several manufacturers' sensor equipment.
Treasure Data CEO Hiro Yoshikawa said: “Our customers from around the world tell us the same thing over and over again: Companies need the agility to rapidly launch big data initiatives for marketing, without the inevitable drag created by purchasing, deploying and maintaining highly complex hardware, software and data environments."

Thon Mey said...

The Elegant and Stylish House

This is an elegant and stylish house has been designed for the modern family, according to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials reported.
One more thing, this contemporary is the result of remodeling of the old building by Dijeau Poage Construction.
In addition, the house design is opened up to the beautiful green surrounding landscape and natural fresh atmosphere.
Furthermore, its entrance invites the natural light inside the house through the glasses doors and windows.
Anyway, there is the wood shaping that was defined of interior element came from a native black walnut tree removed from the backyard.
Mention that, in that remodel, the clean design line is kept in the backyard, and then the design was used Ipe wood, Bluestone and architectural concrete to compose a welcoming outdoor environment and complete the attractiveness of this elegant San Francisco remodel.

Chhunmeng KabKab said...

Simply in character

Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia construction materials, the photographed kitchen is designed to have a sleek, streamlined, and minimalist look that does not distract the attention from the outlook.
A monochromatic motif is the approach in the design with an all off-white tone seen in most of the design such as the cabinetry, walls, and ceiling besides the stainless steel appliances and handles of doors and drawers.
The centerpiece of the space, however, is the floral pattern on the single window wall that add character and fun to the space. This display enhances the picturesque outlook of nature.
Natural light can spread through the space also thanks to this window with an opaque blind for privacy purpose.

loy man said...

The Elegant and Modern Kitchen

This the elegant and modern kitchen with wooden furniture and ceramic materials, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials provided.
One more thing, the elements were used in the design are ceramic tiles, painted cabinetry with inset panels and turned wood all point to the traditional kitchen.
“The old kitchen had worked very well, and although I wanted to keep to a traditional style, I really felt it was time for something a little more exciting,” says the owner.
Indeed, this kitchen is a remodel one has been created by Kitchens By Design, takes traditional English style and gives it a subtle French country touch.
“I have always had a passion for dragonflies, and I liked the idea of adding something to the kitchen that was totally my own,” the owner says.

Chhunmeng CoolBoy said...

Learning the lesson

As successful furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials informed, it is a hard process and time-consuming on top of that not to mention a possibility of a wrong move that cause good plan in the design to backfire.
In order to avoid all of these issues, owner who wish to renovate their own kitchen ought to participate in expertise’s lesson such as a Genesi Kitchens seminar to absorb the best design possibility.
"The evening seminars run at each showroom. They are a one-stop solution for anyone interested in a new kitchen," general manager Tony Jefferson said.
"We aim to take the confusion out of the design and installation process – showing you how to choose materials that will suit your lifestyle and family. As well as answering your questions, we examine storage solutions and hidden pitfalls, while also giving product and cost comparisons."

Chhunmeng CoolBoy said...

The Spectacular Dream House

This is the spectacular dream house has been designed to meet the owners’ needs, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated.
In addition, this house is overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and it is a place dedicated to relaxation, a sanctuary for the body, mind and soul.
It relaxes, disconnects, protects and definitely inspires. As the team of architects came up with a solution provided, a house design that blends the idea of openness with protection.
“The result was to create a tough exterior shell with an open, light-filled interior. Cast-in-place concrete was used to create a series of robust structural boxes, each defining a different living space and focusing attention on the landscape”.