Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cambodia invests in packaging to boost rice exports

02 September 2009
Simeon Goldstein

Cambodian rice farmers are turning to new packaging facilities to help boost export sales, according to local media.

Cambodia is looking to begin exporting 200,000 tonnes of milled rice next year and has invested in new facilities to help achieve that goal. Milled rice is said to have a higher value and more markets than unmilled rice.

The Phnom Penh Times reported that the Federation of Cambodian Rice Millers Association had invested $7.8m in a milled-rice packaging plant in Battambang province.

The plant is 90% complete and is scheduled to go on line in December. It uses Japanese technology and will be able to pack 720 tonnes of rice a day.

Federation president Phou Puy said: "We hope that when the plant is finished, it will play an important role in supporting Cambodia's plant to export in a more competitive manner."

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