Sunday, 21 February 2010

Electric Cambodia

via CAAI News Media
Various Artists
Album:Electric Cambodia

To follow up on my sonically restored 10/1/07 post, here are two more pre-Khmer Rouge pop-rock recordings from Cambodia, off a recent filler-free album Electric Cambodia. Tragic for the musicians that the Khmer Rouge wasn't killer-free.

Ran Pon

Pan Ron: "I Will Marry You" (The drums sound recent.)

Ros Sereysothea

Ros Sereysothea: "Cold Sky"

Ros Sereysothea in wax

Here's actual footage of Pan Ron

(The CD was compiled and presented by Dengue Fever, an act featuring a wonderful young female Cambodian-American singer and her American accompanists. I know almost nothing about them, but they're probably great.)

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