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Thailand spends 10 million Bahts for Opposing Management Plan of Preah Vihear Temple

Monday, 02 August 2010 14:11 DAP-NEWS/ Vibol

CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, AUGUST 2, 2010-The council of ministers of Cambodia on Monday said that Thailand spent 10 million Bahts in a campaign to oppose management plan of 11th Khmer Phreah Vihear temple of Cambodia.

Thai intoxication campaign’s spending of B10 million with the dispatch of 50 delegates in order to oppose the management plan at the site of Cambodian temple of Preah Vihear, was a total debacle because Thailand has not substantive arguments against the world heritage center report or the two documents submitted by Cambodia, the statement from the press and quick reaction unit of the council of ministers of Cambodia said today.

It added that moreover, Thailand has failed in its effort to derail the management plan, has failed in its efforts to have the temple inscribed the two countries, and has failed in its effort to have joint management plan of the temple.

It is obvious that intoxication campaign by the Thai government to lure the local and international public opinion has adversely damaged its own image and credit as an old saying which goes “ if you fan the flame, you blow up the fire or as you sow, so shall you reap,” the statement noted.

“To underline further the failure of Thai government, it must be stressed for the benefits of the public and international opinion that it is not like what the Thai government claimed that it had succeeded to postpone the management plan to next year. In fact, thee WHC final decision did not mention either about the term postpone –defer or delay but choose to use the wording consider which means that the documents submitted by Cambodian, namely, the progress report on the state of conservation and development of Preah Vihear and its management plan, were officially received by WHC and will consider it at the next session,” the statement added.

Thailand is a country that bears in minds of invading other neighboring countries to expand their land. Thailand lost the case with Cambodia on issue Preah Vihear in 1962, and in July 15, 2008, Thai troops invaded area near Preah Vihear temple and later it called “ buffer zone” by using own map which drawn secretly in 1976 by military group.

Cambodia said no buffer zone of 4.6 square km near Preah Vihear but it is Cambodian territory. Thai used all means to block Cambodia on development of Preah Vihear temple since listing as a site of world heritage site but Thailand failed all battles both diplomatic and political deals. Thai government used the temple and land near Preah Vihear temple as hostage to topple legal administration of former PM Thaksin.

Cambodian-Thai Military Commanders Met for Talks

Monday, 02 August 2010 12:44 Edited by Mr. Rasmey (Mr.Go for It)

CAMBODIA,PHNOM PENH, August 02, 2010- “Cambodian military commander Srey Dek on Monday morning of August 02, 2010 met for two-hour talks with Thai military commander Sovannchai,” a source received from the Cambodian soldiers standing at the Preah Vihear temple areas said.

“A meeting for talks with Thai military commander was held with the purpose of increasing a military cooperation between the armies of the two countries along the Cambodia-Thailand borders, and especially in the Preah Vihear temple areas,” a source confirmed.

Cambodian Major General Srey Dek, Military Commander of Armed Forces Division 3 standing at the Preah Vihear Temple areas, also participated in having lunch with Thai military commander Savannchai after the two commanders had concluded a meeting for talks. A meeting for talks occurred after the two countries´ high-ranking officials had participated in the UNESCO´s world Heritage Committee Meeting regarding Cambodia´s Development, Conservation, and Management Plan for Preah Vihear Temple, which was held in Brazil on Friday of July 30, 2010.

“The military situation along the Cambodia-Thailand borders and especially around the Preah Vihear Temple areas now is calm,” a source said.

“The military situation along the Cambodia-Thailand borders now looks better than before and the two factions are in a very good cooperation,” Mr. Prawitvong Suwut, Thai National Defense Minister, confirmed.

Cambodian-Thai Military Commanders Meet at Border for Good Relation

Monday, 02 August 2010 12:35 DAP NEWS / Vibol

CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, AUGUST 2, 2010-Cambodian and Thailand military commanders on Monday met for about two hours at area near 11th Khmer Preah Vihear temple for strengthening the good relation among the troops which stationed at the border of two neighboring countries.

Chea Dara, deputy commander in –chief of royal Cambodian armed forces told by phone that commanders at the ground met about two hours for good understandings for both sides. The meeting was held at Cambodian pagoda Keo Sikhakirirsvara near Preah Vihear, led by Cambodian military region commander 3 Gen Dry Doek and Thai commander Sovanchay at the places with joining by the other senior military officials. Both side also shared lunch together. Thai troops deployed in their sovereignty. “We have right of self-defense for our sovereignty if irregular activities occurred, Gen. Chea said,

Thai troop invaded Cambodian soil in July 15, 2008 after Cambodia successfully listed Preah Vihear temple as world heritage site. Thai troops invaded Cambodia through sending three people including monk, layman, and nun to pray at Preah Vihear temple and then through that excuse, Thai troops occupied area near Preah Vihear with saying that they came here to save three Thai people and claimed disputed zone and later called “Thai territory”.

Cambodia and Thailand started tension on management plan of Preah Vihear temple at a meeting in Barzil. Cambodian government claimed a big victory for summiting the management plan with world heritage committee of UNESCO.

Cambodia-Vietnam Strengthen Border Security Cooperation

Monday, 02 August 2010 11:19 DAP-NEWS/ Vibol

CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, AUGUST 2, 2010-Cambodian and Vietnamese senior officials on Monday talked on the bilateral cooperation on border security and border demarcation between the two countries.

We has discussed about strengthening border security and border gate checkpoint and facilitated the travelers, trade and tourists between the peoples,” Khieu Sopheak , spokesman for interior ministry of Cambodia said by phone.

Today, senior officials met and talks under bilateral cooperation for border security, monitor crimes crossing border, and general views for the countries,” Khieu added.

Tomorrow morning, deputy prime minister and interior minister Sar Kheng and visiting Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem will meet on talks of bilateral cooperation, Khieu said. Khiem also will pay the courtesy call on PM Hun Sen in tomorrow afternoon.

Cambodia and Vietnam plan to end the border demarcation in 2012 and the local authorities from neighboring provincials need to cooperate to peaceful border and security for the two peoples. Each year about 20,000 Cambodians went to Vietnam for medical check-up and treatment.

Both sides also have expressed to commit the health cooperation. In the past few years, Vietnamese investors have started investing Cambodia wit billion of dollars on rubber plantation, mines, bank, and airline, agriculture and fertilizer factory. Cambodia-Vietnam also is trying to boost trade partners to 2 billion US dollars as soon as possible.

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