Saturday, 29 January 2011

Arrested Thai MP claims video editing misleading

via CAAI

The Thai MP arrested for illegally entering Cambodia last month says video footage appearing to show he was aware he'd illegally crossed the border was edited to be misleading.

Panich Vikitsreth is a member of a joint Thai-Cambodian border committee.

He says he was investigating claims Cambodians had encroached onto Thai territory when he was detained.

Six of the seven arrested Thais have been released on bail, but one's still in a Cambodian jail facing espionage charges.

Video footage posted online appeared to show Mr Panich telling the Thai Prime Minister's office he was crossing into Cambodia, but he says the video is misleading.

"But what surprised me most is that the whole footage of 23 minutes, they mix the sequence too. The sequence were wrong. They start off half way, then it came back to the beginning and then it went to the later part of our trip."

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