Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thai senators to file complaint against Hun Xen at the ICC, accusing him of being a war criminal

Monday, February 7, 2011

ICC move against Hun Sen?

February 8, 2011
The Nation

Thai senators are preparing to file a complaint with the International Criminal Court accusing Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen of being a war criminal, following the latest military clash on the border.

Appointed Senator Paiboon Nititawan, a key member of the 40 Senators Group, said yesterday they would meet with international law experts to discuss their plan to sue Hun Sen.

"A military fight against each other is normal. But Cambodian soldiers intentionally firing heavy weapons into Thai villages was considered an unacceptable attack," Paiboon said.

He believed the senators could sue Hun Sen because Cambodia was a signatory of the ICC.

The move appears to be a largely symbolic protest as the senators should be aware the international court is purely a court of "last resort" that only handles extremely serious matters such as genocide and crimes against humanity - if such issues can't be resolved in a country's own courts.



Anonymous said...
Who Should be a war criminal in this case?

I believe PM of thailand and the Yellow shirt who the one take full responsibily of what happened along the border and killed many innocent peoples (Thai-Cambodian). Did Cambodian troops moved inside thai territory or Thai themself moved along into Khmer territory?

Who is put pressure to the Thai government until AphiSHIT let thing happen?
Since 1980 peace agreement between thai/cambodia and MOU agreement Did thai government intent to solve the problem or dragging the problem up until today?
Who is want war... The Yellow shirt asked to terminate the MOU, is that mean they want the war or not?
The Flag is on Cambodia soil, why AphiSHIT asked to lowe it down? Did Cambodian ever asked thai to do that?
Who is the agressive soldier? Thai or Khmer... How many Cambodian life has been killed by the thai army along the boeder? Did Cambodian ever killed thai along the border so far?
Cambodian arrested Thai and they took them to the court of law did they killed them?
AphiSHIT should take all of those blames and AphiSHIT should face to the world of court Criminal in term of making the war happened and killed many life.
AphiSHIT is a very SHIT and week person in term of don't know what to to after the yellow shirt put pressure on him ( Only war to solve this matter) then take innocent Cambodian people to be part of their IDIOT political game.
Who's Soldiers intend to destroyed the world herritage of Preah Vihear?

We the people of the world and we have eyes to see who is right and who is wrong. Do not committed crime yourself and try to blame the other, you should know how weak you are and how bad things you have done so far.


Anonymous said...

I've anticipated this feeling. I knew Thailand will react like this. They been playing like this all along since their birth of the nation. Now they using REVERSE PSYCOLOGY toward Cambodia. Instead, Cambodia or HUN SEN is the one that sue them!

Khmer Poipet,


Anonymous said...

So Thai said there should not be any villages near the border right? So if there isn't any, how come Khmer bombs are landing on Thai village and no Thai bombs are landing on Khmer village side? If it does, what difference are the senators making? Shelling drops on Thai village is a war crime, shelling drops on Khmer village is for fun?

Give me a break! Thais are an ironic bunch of shames. Shitful of shames!


Anonymous said...

This is for Senator Paiboon Nititawan

Talking about war crime and criminal. Thailand is the worse, When I was 8 years old. Your government deport me and fellow Cambodian and Muslim minority from Norng Chan to Dorng Raek next to Preah Vihear Temple. I seen our fellow Cambodian people and the Muslim minority in front of me step on the land mine and exploded into the air killing innocent people. I seen baby laying on the dead mother arm crying and nobody able to save the baby because of the land mine. It took us more than 12 hrs to crossed into Cambodia for a 3,000 feet path to get to Cambodia. Why did you murder innocent people in 1979. We're harmless to your country. The international was willing to accept us into the third country but you just deport and murder us. Now just the issue of PAD ousting the elected PM out. And PAD MP intensionly crossing the border illegally into Cambodia to provoke the war. You know that Preah Vihear and it surounding land of 4.6 KM was award to Cambodia since 1962 and you PAD people called is a dispute land. You never respect the ICJ and you murder those muslim prostester. As for Khmer people that know history and more educated, We never support Hun Sen but you Thai politician are not better than him. Those Khmer soldier at the border just doing their job to protect our motherland from you Thai invader. They doesn't get pay as much as Thai soldier and lack of mordern weapon. But they're proud to die for their motherland. And we Khmer oversea are proud of them. We will not you minipulate and twist the border issue and try to convince the international body. We Khmer over will prostest against your PAD government for war crime. If we can help our Khmer army at anyway we will send the money for them to purchase the mordern weapon to put you PAD out of mystery so Asia can live in peace.

Khmer Poi Paet live in US.

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