Monday, 7 March 2011

Brother: Veera seriously ill

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Published: 6/03/2011
Online news:

Thai Patriots Network coordinator Veera Somkwamkid is now seriously ill in the Prey Sar Prison in Cambodia and seeking a royal pardon for him is the only way out, his younger brother said on Sunday.

Preecha Somkwamkid said he found that his elder brother was seriously ill when he visited Mr Veera at the Prey Sar Prison in Phnom Pend on Friday, Mar 4.

Democrat MP Panich Vikitsreth's earlier remark about his brother's illness was correct, he said, but did not elaborate.

It was now too late to appeal against the jail verdict handed on him because the deadline for doing so had expired. The only way out now is to seek a royal pardon from the Cambodian king, Mr Preecha said.

He said details would be given by TPN lawyer Karun Saingam in a press conference.

Mr Preecha called for the government, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to help seek a royal pardon for Mr Veera and his secretary Ratree Pipatanapaiboon.

Mr Veera and Ms Ratree were sentenced to eight and six years in jail respectively for illegal entry and espionage.

The other five persons, including Mr Panich, who were also arrested on Dec 30, have been freed after the court sentenced them to nine months in jail for illegal entry and suspended the remaining eight months imprisonment.

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Anonymous said...

tough sh*t that he is now sick. he is just like other prisoners, there is no special treatment. It is the celestial judgment like our Angkor era ancestors used to find the right and wrong, confinement.