Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Cambodia requests Thailand to stop sending troops to Ta Krabey

Cambodge Soir


Yet, the military in charge of the border surveillance haven’t observed new incursions from the Thai army since the 10th of September.

Cambodia has asked Thailand to stop sending troops to the temple of Ta Krabey, stated a communiqué dated 22 September from the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok.

“The Royal Cambodian Government urges Thailand to stop sending Thai soldiers to the temple while the bipartite Commission is outlining the territorial boundaries”, indicated the communiqué which was addressed to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Interviewed by “Cambodge Soir Hebdo”, the border surveillance unit Commander, Neak Vong, stated that no new Thai incursion had been observed since 10 September.

“Only one Thai border surveillance team entered the temple but didn’t stay, which is nothing abnormal”, did he add.

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