Friday, 27 March 2009

Cambodia keen to open tour to Phu Quoc island


The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism has decided to open a new tour that links its four coastal provinces with Phu Quoc island of Vietnam.

Cambodian Minister of Tourism Thong Khon said he hoped that the new tour connecting Phu Quoc island with the provinces of Koh Kong, Kongpong Som, Kampot and Posat, would help increase the number of foreign travellers, including those from neighbouring Laos and Vietnam, to Cambodia.

The minister explained that Phu Quoc island is emerging as an attractive destination for tourists in the region, and according to some forecasts, it can draw around 3 million visitors each year by 2012.

He noted Cambodia needs to improve its infrastructure facilities as well as the tourism environment in a move to develop the non-smoking industry in the years to come.

Minister Thong Khon added that Vietnam’s tourism sector has attracted a growing number of foreign visitors thanks to its increased amount of investment poured into tourism facilities and traffic infrastructure.


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