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At the Cambodian-Laotian-Vietnamese Triangle Zone, Twelve Mining Companies Are Summoned - Tuesday, 28.4.2009

Posted on 29 April 2009

The Mirror, Vol. 13, No. 610

“Phnom Penh: Information about a meeting about development cooperation at the Cambodian-Laotian-Vietnamese triangle zone on 8 March 2009, under the presidency of the Minister of Commerce and Senior Minister, Mr. Cham Prasidh, shows that 12 mining companies in Mondolkiri [China Road and Bridge Corporation which holds two licenses, Mr. Huot Heng's company, Mr. Moeung Son's company, Mr. Seng Hock's company, Ahnong Xin Industrial Investment, Oxiana Shin Ha Mining Company, China FORWIN Investment, ANQING (Cambodia) Invest Company, Cambodia Tonle Sap International Investment, OKSAN Cambodia, and Cambodia Hai Lan Mineral Company Limited] are committing remarkable offenses.

“According to information from the Mondolkiri governor, so far, some companies do not communicate to deliver reports, and some others hold expired licenses and have not come to ask to extend their licenses at the ministries in charge.

“The note sent by the Mondolkiri governor, Mr. Lay Sokha, says that if the directors of those companies do not respond, following the notification, the province will send reports to the ministries relating to the mining operations and to the Council for the Development of Cambodia, to take action according to the conditions stated in their contracts.

“In the notification, made available together with an attached list with the names of 12 mining companies licensed to operate in Mondolkiri, the authorities claim that these companies are committing remarkable irregularities.

“According to information from an expert department in Mondolkiri reported to Koh Santepheap, these companies, at present in Mondolkiri, seem not to be afraid of anything. Some activities of some companies are illegal and are carried out openly, and the authorities from relevant sections do not touch them. They seem to benefit from these mining operations, and they do not even care to deliver reports of the results [of these mining operations]. Thus, the authorities of the Cambodian-Laotian-Vietnamese triangle zone convened a meeting to set new principles on 8 March 2009, and the Mondolkiri governor issued Notification #023, dated 21 April 2009, with a name list of the 12 mining companies attached, which Koh Santepheap copied for publication.”

Koh Santepheap, Vol.42, #6635, 28.4.2009
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