Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cambodian film festival faces funding shutdown

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[Phnom Penh, Cambodia, May 21, 2009]

CAMBOFEST, Cambodia's first and only internationally recognized independent film festival (now in it's 3rd year) is facing an emergency funding shortage. The festival will be forced to shut down if significant budget gaps are not met immediately.

CAMBOFEST is one of Southeast Asia’s strongest proponents of IP in areas of motion picture distribution and exhibition, and the festival is 100% diligent about presenting movies only with public performance rights in place via documented permission from the copyright holders. This is a standard upheld by numerous motion picture groups and associations, including the MPAA, the WTO, and others.

By striving to set an example in a region beset by rampant piracy and weak IP standards, CAMBOFEST has been doing its part to develop a viable media industry in an emerging democracy.

CAMBOFEST's aim has always been to promote rigorous IP standards and the re-emergence of a viable media and movie industry in Cambodia, an LDC (lesser developed country).

CAMBOFEST recently attracted the fiscal sponsorship of Media Alliance of Oakland, California, which enables the festival to accept financial contributions while offering tax deductions under 501 (c) 3 of the IRS tax code. US-based supporters and contributors will receive a tax deduction for all contributions made towards the festival.

Despite its modest operating budget, CAMBOFEST is in urgent need of immediate financial and in-kind assistance to continue the festival through its third season.
For more information on how to assist, or to discuss long term sponsorship of CAMBOFEST, please email, or visit the festival website at

CAMBOFEST: Film, Video, and Animation Festival of Cambodia

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