Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Brazil voices concern over Thailand-Cambodia border clashes

via CAAI

BRASILIA, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- The Brazilian government expressed concern on Tuesday about the border clashes between Thailand and Cambodia, urging them to reach a peaceful agreement.

"The Brazilian government took notice with concern of the incidents between the military forces of Thailand and Cambodia since Friday, in the region of the Preah Vihear Temple, which resulted in casualties and injuries on both sides," the Brazilian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Brazil called on the two countries to seek a peaceful solution to their conflict and avoid any action that might aggravate it, the statement said.

It also praised the decision by the UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to send a mission to assess the alleged damages to the Preah Vihear Temple, which was listed as a World Heritage Site in 2008.

The border between Thailand and Cambodia around the Preah Vihear Temple has never been completely demarcated, and disputes over the shrine have led to sporadic battles before.

The UN Security Council on Monday voiced its "grave concern" of the armed border clashes between Cambodia and Thailand, which have caused casualties in both countries.

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