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Thailand says it has no “ill intentions” towards Cambodia

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The Jakarta Post | Sat, 05/07/2011 8:22 PM | World

Thailand Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said Saturday in Jakarta that his country “has no ill intentions towards Cambodia.”

“We want to resolve this peacefully. We have a number of bilateral mechanisms that are functioning. We have continued to function while these clashes took place and there is no sense in trying to internationalize or escalate the conflict,” he said on Saturday at the first day of the 18th ASEAN summit.

Abhisit said that the settlement could “prove to the world that as members of the ASEAN family, that this can be resolved.”

Deputy government spokesperson for Thailand Suphachai Jaismut said that Thailand would likely meet Indonesia on Sunday.

“Maybe Thailand will ask Indonesia to explain about the TOR [Terms of Reference]. Until now we, have not agreed with it,” he said.

Indonesia Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa previously said that both Cambodia and Thailand had agreed on the TOR.

“We have to explain why; to inform Indonesia about the issues. For example, in that area there are military from Cambodia...that’s the conflict area. So, if Indonesia sends their officers to observe there, that means that there are some areas that the military has had to move out of, but we are not even sure that Cambodia agrees with this issue,"

Suphachai said that Thailand was “ready to resume the JBC [Joint Boundary Commission]. “[we are] waiting for Cambodia to accept the invitations.”

A statement from Abhisit revealed to the Post by Suphachai shown that Thailand favors bilateral methods for resolution of these issues.

Thailand and Cambodia have engaged in clashes in their border area, with the last skirmishes occurring last month. The ongoing dispute has resulted in dozens of casualties.

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