Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I Was In Fact a Murdering, Torturous Bastard

The American Spectator

By Paul Chesser on 6.9.09

The fascinating trial of the Khmer Rouge's top jailer, Comrade Duch, continues, with him refuting yesterday evidence that would have spared him at least a little culpability. He would have none of it:

Duch went on to dispute testimony from last month in which an American expert witness presented a list of prisoners who appeared to have been released from Tuol Sleng (the Phnom Penh prison where an estimated 17,000 began their path to execution).

"The people who were arrested and sent (to Tuol Sleng), they were all killed," Duch said, refuting the idea that the list cast him in a more favourable light.

"I did not release anyone... It is not exculpatory evidence at all because I am responsible for my crimes. I cannot accept that document," he added.

Duch also explained that Cambodian dictator Pol Pot mixed a vicious cocktail of the communist theories of Marx, Lenin, and China's "Gang of Four." This may have been the most evil regime ever, but then again, who keeps tallies of such things?

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