Wednesday, 21 October 2009

PM Hun Sen Nixes Land, Media, Carbon Taxes

Written by DAP NEWS -- Tuesday, 20 October 2009
(Posted by CAAI news Media)

Prime Minister on Monday said during the first National Forum on Climate Change he did not support regulations suggested by the Forestry Administration to tax carbon usage. He also rejected land taxes and license fees for TV and radio.

“I reject the regulation from the Forestry Administration to collect tax on carbon emissions,” the premier said.

Ty Sokun, chief of the Forestry Administration, told Prime Minister Cambodia should collect carbon taxes from private companies like hydropower dam developers, drivers and mineral drink water companies. But PM declined to introduce the tax, fearing the price of electricity and other things would rise, leading to difficulties for local people.

“At this time, we do not need this kind of these regulations,” he said. “We need to look deeper to other legal procedures.”

“We also will not collect tax from TV and radio usage as was suggested by,” Hun Sen. “TV and radio users do not need to be afraid of using TV and radio. Now we are helping people to get and use information without paying money.” PM Hun Sen also said that Cambodians would not be paying any land taxes “because the government does not collect tax from farmers. This time we need to help farmers and poor to have good living conditions.”

The Prime Minister Hun Sen wondered why Ty Sokun, chief of the Forestry Administration, raised the proposed carbon tax. Ty Sokun recently sent a document to ask some recommendation related to charge money from Carbon credit from private companies.

“Before the day, Ty Sokun sent a proposal to me by asking some recommendation to charge money for carbon credit but I do not understand and I sent back a letter asking whom we would charge. Who has to be taxed?” the premier asked.

“I do not understand why it is time we charge for carbon usage. Who do we need to charge?”

The premier stressed that at present the Government does not tax electricity “as we don’t want to high charges from electric usage.”

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