Monday, 12 October 2009

GRA Boosts Rice Export Potential: Economist

Written by DAP NEWS -- Monday, 12 October 2009
(Post by CAAI News Media)

A new Golden Rice Association (GRA) in Cambodia on Saturday claimed it would export to France in 2010.

General Director of the Deum Ampil Media Center Soy Sopheap said that it was a valuable chance to export rice to the international market, especially as the EU will in 2010 permit Cambodia to export its products tax free.

“The GRA will aim to achieve the goals laid out by PM Hun Sen, who has repeatedly cited the potential of the agricultural sector,” Sopheap added.

The Loran Rice Machinery Company, in Battambong province’s Thmor Kol district, on October 10 saw both local and foreign traders meet and discuss exporting Cambodian rice abroad. The meeting was held under the authority of Soy Sopheap and Lim Bun Heng, a consultant of deputy PM Ben Chhin and Loran Company´s Manager. Uy Eang Heng, a Manager of Hun Heng Por Company from France, Cabinet Chief Lim Bun Seng´s Bin Chhin deputy PM, Sat Dara, an economist, and Dim Sopheavy, DAP´s vice general manger and Heng Development representatives also participated. Some companies have already exported Cambodian rice to neighboring countries, but few have exported to the EU or abroad. In 2010, the GRA will export directly to France.

Chan Sophal of the Cambodian Economic Association told DAP News Cambodia that “It is very important to create the GRA. It means the economy in Cambodia will be better because we can export rice.”

Soy Sopheap said that the ABK organization, which deals with over 4,500 farmers from Kampong Thom and about 5,000 farmers in Siem Reap, is also involved in the project.

He called for all Cambodians in Cambodia and abroad to support the project to help Cambodia deal with the effects of the downturn.

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