Monday, 12 October 2009

PM Orders Gangster Crackdown, DAP Director Threatened

Written by DAP NEWS -- Monday, 12 October 2009
(Post by CAAI News Media)

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday morning ordered to all police and relevant authorities to prevent social disorder and criminality stemming from the increasing problem of gangs, according to a Friday press release of the council meeting.

“In order to keep order in society, we must strengthen measures to be tight on gangsters’ activities, such as firing [guns] disorderly, even though they are related to rich families,” the premier said during a cabinet meeting at Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry.

The premier’s remarks come after a woman named Ke Dara was convicted, imprisoned for 18 months and fined CR1 million after she fired a handgun four times. Apparently well connected, she angrily cursed police and journalists at the scene of her crime. After DAP broke and investigated the story, unknown persons anonymously sent messages to threaten Soy Sopheap, Deum Ampil Meddia Center general director. However, Soy Sopheap filed a complaint with police to investigate and take legal action against the criminals.

An unknown person sent a message to Soy Sopheap claiming to be a member of Heng Samrin’s Cabinet. However, Koam Kosal, the Cabinet president, said the claim was unlikely to be true.

“I never contact had contact with this phone number and he is not an official who works with the Cabinet,” Koam Kosal told DAP News Cambodia.

The message accused of Soy Sopheap of attempting to extort about US$5,000 from the convicted Ke Dara. Kouch Chamreoun, Meanchey district governor, expressed confusion. “This accusation was made with no real basis,” he said.

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