Monday, 12 October 2009

PM Calls on Officials to Make Good Flood Damage

Written by DAP NEWS -- Monday, 12 October 2009
(Post  by CAAI News Media)

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday set dealing with the aftermath of recent storms and flooding from Typhoon Ketsana as a high priority.

Central Government officials and local authorities were ordered to coo- perate to deal with the damage and prevent further flooding, according to a press release from the meetin g.

The PM recommended timely action. “Firstly, we have to ensure noone dies of starvation. Secondly, we have to compromise on rebuilding people’s houses and thirdly, we have to restore the agriculture sector, which was damaged by the flooding. Lastly, we must calculate the value of all damage to infrastructure and prioritize rebuilding as soon as possible. Cambodian Red Cross Secretary-General Men Nearysopheak told DAP News Cambodia on Friday that the Cambodian Red Cross has a total of US$44,000 contributed by “music donation” and US$13,000 from “generous persons.”

Ketsana killed at least 21 Cambodians and destroyed thousands of hectares of rice.

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