Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cambodia Appoints Thaksin as PM’s Economic Advisor

Written by DAP NEWS -- Thursday, 05 November 2009

(Posted by CAAI News Media)

The Cambodian Government on Wednesday revealed that Thai former Prime Minister Thaksin Sinawatra was appointed Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s economic advisor on October 27.

“Thaksin was really appointed as the Premier Hun Sen’s economic advisor done on October 27 by King Norodom Sihamoni,” Keo Ramy, secretary of state of the Council of Ministers (CoM), told DAP News Cambodia.

The appointment as economic advisor comes after Hun Sen declared he would welcome Thaksin if he wishes to enter Cambodia. Bangkok leaders retorted angrily, threatening to extradite Thaksin. Cambodia said it would block any such extradition.

Hun Sen has said that he will offer a new house in Cambodia to Thaksin if he wants to pay a visit to Cambodia.

The premier’s remarks followed a visit from former Thai Prime Minister Gen. Chavalit Yongchaiyuth, who is very close to Thaksin and visited Cambodia.

However, Cambodia’s cozying up to Thaksin has raised the hackles of some Thais. Suthep, a Thai deputy prime minister, noted Cambodia and Thailand have an extradition agreement, which he said will be enforced to apprehend Thaksin and return him to Thailand to serve a two-year jail term.

“I am not surprised about friendship between Hun Sen and Thaksin but Thailand will make the extradition request if Thaksin is provided with a permanent shelter in Cambodia,” Suthep told the Nation. Thaksin thanked Cambodia’s PM Hun Sen in his twitter feed for welcoming him to the country and having offering to build a home for him.

“I have to express deepest thanks to Prime Minister Hun Sen for saying in public that I am his friend. I also would like to thank him for arranging me a house,” Thaksin said on twitter.

Gen. Chavalit Yongchaiyuth, leader-in-waiting of Thailand’s opposition Puea Thai Party, has already visited Phnom Penh at the invitation of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

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