Monday, 7 February 2011

Thai-Cambodia truce has failed : Army spokesman

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By The Nation

Army spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd has admitted that truce between Thailand and Cambodia had failed as skirmishes continued on Sunday evening.

Thousands of local villagers in Si Sa Ket's Kantaralak district adjacent to Preah Vihear temple fled to safe places. They just returned to their houses after fleeing the fighting which erupted on Friday.

Gunfires were still heard and more frequently.

The fresh clash erupted at about 6.40pm at Phu Makaua, where a Thai soldier was killed during the clash on Friday. Local villagers evacuated to temporary bunkers.

The Cambodian rockets landed around Baan Swai Jarum, Baan Ko Mui, down the south of the ancient temple. The Thai troops returned the fires.

The artillery shells caused fire at many places including Phumisarol school.

Head of Phumisarol school is calling it something far worse than just a tragic misunderstanding.

Thai troops who came down for water said Thai side was considerably damaged.

Col Sansern earlier said that the Thai response is just to control the situation as we are still firm on the ceasefire agreement.

He had affirmed a clash Sunday evening, saying that Thai and Cambodian troops are coordinating to end the fighting.‬ ‪‪

Thai and Cambodian senior officers agreed on Saturday to a ceasefire near the controversial temple after their troops fought on Friday.

It is reported that seven people have been wounded in renewed fighting.

So far, seven people, including two villagers and five soldiers, have been wounded. All remain hospitalised at Katharalak Hospital. (MCOT online news, Agencies)

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