Saturday, 19 March 2011

Brit extradited to Cambodia

via CAAI

Published: 18/03/2011
Online news: Local News

The Criminal Court on Friday issued an order allowing the extradition of a British man to Cambodia to face trial on rape charges.

The case was filed with the court by prosecutors of the International Affairs Department in response to a request filed by Cambodia through the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Royal Thai Police Office.

The court found that David John Fletcher, 65, was arrested and charged with rape in Cambodia before fleeing to Thailand where he was arrested for immigration offences in August last year.

Fletcher denied the rape charges, saying that he had been in conflict with a group of influential people in Phnom Penh since he did not cooperate with them in a money-laundering scam.

He said he fled to Thailand because some of those who did not cooperate with the group had been killed.

The court ruled that Fletcher's claims carried no weight and ordered that he be detained before being extradited to Cambodia under the Thai-Cambodian extradition treaty and the Thai-Cambodian Extradition Act of 2000.

Fletcher headed a children's charity in Phnom Penh before his arrest.

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