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ADHOC Encourages the Siamese Authorities to Investigate Shootings against Khmer Citizens Who Crossed the Border Illegally – Thursday, 4.3.2010
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Posted on 4 March 2010.
The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 654

“The Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association [ADHOC] again appealed to the authorities of the Siamese [Thai] government to investigate cruel shootings by Siamese solders against Khmer citizens who just crossed the border illegally to find jobs to earn their daily living.

“The chief investigator of ADHOC, Mr. Ny Chakriya, said in a press conference at the organization’s headquarters in the morning of 3 March 2010, ‘We ask the [Cambodian] authorities to please put pressure on the Thai authorities and soldiers who fatally shot innocent Cambodians.’

“The appeal was made towards the international community, especially all signatory countries respecting human rights, to look at the cruelties of Siamese soldiers against Cambodian civilians, because since 2008, it has been observed that more than 20 Khmer citizens had been shot dead or wounded.

“Mr. Ny Chakriya said that such cases were seen happening from 2008 to early 2010, but the Thai authorities have not conducted any investigations. According to Mr. Ny Chakriya, this call being made during a press conference is another invitation to the Siamese authorities and government to take urgent actions to investigate the crimes, according to the laws, in order to show that Siam [Thailand] is a country that respects the law.

“To reflect the atrocities of Siamese authorities and soldiers against Khmer citizens, during the Wednesday conference, ADHOC invited victims who had been able to escape from shootings by Thai soldiers, and victim’s families, to tell journalists about their sufferings.

“Ms. Boun Tha, 43, living in Sla Kram commune, Siem Reap, whose children were shot dead, recalled that Siamese authorities had called her to take the bodies of her children, but along the way, she saw that some Thai persons dragged her children’s bodies and kicked them like animals.

“She added, ‘It was very cruel; they had covered and bound my children’s eyes and they kicked my children with their boots, disfiguring their faces. They were very bad. They mistreated innocent Khmer citizens.’

“In addition, she stressed that according to those who witnessed the evenf directly, her 18-year-old son cried for help from his father many tines until he fainted. After that, they hit his face with their boots and shot him.

“According to ADHOC, by now it has been already 20 months during which 20 Cambodians suffered from shooting, torture, and killing by Thai soldiers along the Cambodian-Thai border. But so far, the Thai authorities have not shown a real intention to investigate, accuse, and prosecute the perpetrators, in order to provide justice to the Cambodian victims.

“Therefore, ADHOC criticized that the Siamese authorities do not show respect for human rights. Quite in contrast, there are no actions taken against perpetrators, which seems to mean that the Siamese authorities are allowing such bad violence to happen.

“According to ADHOC, the victims and their families who encounter such atrocities from Siamese solders, together with other witnesses, will file lawsuits related to these crimes committed by the Thai authorities. It is time that the Siamese authorities take notice of these complaints, and they have to respond to what happened.

“In the meantime, the human rights organization ADHOC warned that there must be no more such serious human rights violations without punishment according to the laws. ADHOC stressed that the political tension between Cambodia and Siam is not the reason that the military of their country shows their anger in this way against innocent people. ADHOC said the military tension between Cambodia and Thailand is not an appropriate reason for fatal shootings of weak and innocent people.

“However, regarding serious human rights violations by Siamese solders and their authorities, both civil society and Cambodian citizens demand the government to increase honest investments in Cambodia and to halt grabbing land of farmers for wicked investors.

“This is the only way to reduce the risky migration of Khmer citizens [abroad looking for employment]. Also, this will help to keep the government’s face from being embarrassed, as it happened recently, when it was reported that Siam and Yuon [Vietnam] sent Khmer beggars back to Cambodia. Otherwise, that Khmer officials are rich, only around 18% of the millions of Khmer citizens, as found by the Asian Development Bank, is just the richness of millionaires on a garbage dump.”

Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.17, #3823, 4.3.2010
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Thursday, 4 March 2010

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Dijaveen said...

I find it ridicoulus .I once had to stay 7 days in Os´Mach for my visa to return from Phnom Phenn .And there some indicent played off, that showed me that Cambodian soldiers are just as vigilant towards anyone fooling around their borders as the thais .If they had rifles, Im sure they would had shot me .What happend is, that while my stay I rented a motorbike .I wanted to explore .So I drove off, out into the nature .At the end of the village .I continued out there on a narrow path .Suddenly I come to a small hut where 7-8 men sit and play cards .One man calls to me, and forbids me to go on further .I stop .Two men approaches me .They do not introduce themselves as militia .What they were .That scared me that much, that when I had the chance I speeded off as quick as I could .I feared they would kill me, and rob me .But that relates very much to what you claim thai soldiers do towards anyone coming from Cambodia and tresspassing illegal into Thailand ..I was not even tresspassing .I was just not allowed to explore Cambodia near the border .They maybe assumed I was a spy .Though Im kaucasian .Nevertheless, I do not think its fair to blame thai soldiers for a similar reaction towards Cambodians .And keep in mind they were ILLEGAL entering Thailand .I had not illegal entered Cambodia .But they sure as hell made a fuss out of my small motorcycle trip .Which I found profoundly ridicoulos .Nevertheless, thats what Cambodian soldiers (miltia) do! Very edgy ... So keep that in mind when you judge Thai soldiers shooting at illegal border tresspassers ... There is no TRUST at the Thai/Cambodian border ..Believe me, Ive been there .... And people believing they can tresspass illegal are fools ... They get shot ... Im certin in my mind, that if these militia men had been armed, I would not had lived to tell the tale ....